Dangerous Fairfield Intersections

Dangerous Fairfield Intersections
Dangerous Fairfield Intersections

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield personal injury and car accident lawyer. Vehicle accidents happen every day and, often, they cause people serious injuries. In fact, data from UC Berkeley shows that over 6,000 injury-causing accidents have taken place on Fairfield roadways during the past ten years. Although there is always some risk of being involved in a crash when you drive, bike, or walk on the road, knowing where accidents are likely to happen can help you to avoid being involved in one.

For reasons ranging from poor signage to high traffic and damaged asphalt, many roadway areas can be dangerous. However, one of the roadway locations where accidents most often happen is at intersections.

What Makes Intersections Dangerous?

There are many factors that can make an intersection dangerous and certain intersections see more accidents than others. Reasons that some intersections can be more dangerous than others include:

  • High Traffic – more vehicles and pedestrians means more opportunities for accidents
  • Low Visibility – sometimes, intersections are designed in a way that makes it difficult for drivers to see other vehicles.
  • Lack of turn lanes – when there are no turn lanes, it can be difficult for drivers to anticipate what others will do. This often leads to accidents.
  • Unprotected turns – unprotected turns can cause traffic confusion and are liable to cause crashes when drivers aren’t careful.
  • Roadway Defects – some intersections are dangerous because there is a problem with the road itself. These problems can include obvious potholes, lack of traffic lights or stop signs, worn-out traffic striping, and more.

Fairfield’s Dangerous Roadway Intersections

Below is a list of the intersections in the city of Fairfield that have seen the highest frequency of traumatic accidents over the past ten years. Next to each intersection is the number of crashes that were recorded at that location from January 1, 2008, and December 31, 2017.

  1. Air Base Parkway and Texas Street – 87
  2. Dover Avenue at Air Base Parkway – 79
  3. State Route 12 and Beck Avenue – 64
  4. Air Base Parkway and Heath Drive – 60
  5. Clay Bank Road at Air Base Parkway – 60
  6. Gateway Boulevard and Travis Boulevard – 54
  7. Alaska Avenue and Heath Drive – 54
  8. Oliver Road at Rockville Road and Texas Street – 51
  9. Pacific Avenue and Texas Street -49
  10. 2nd Street and Michigan Street – 46

Staying Safe

While it is good to know where crashes are likely to happen, it is also important to know what actions you can take to improve your safety while driving through intersections. One thing that drivers should do is to reduce their speed gradually when approaching a red light or stop sign and start slowing down well before reaching the intersection.

Another way to improve safety at intersections is to make sure that you leave plenty of room between your car and vehicles ahead of you when stopped. This may seem unnecessary, but accidents can cause chain reactions that push vehicles into the middle of an intersection where they are vulnerable to being struck by cross-traffic. Leaving space between your vehicle and others can prevent this from occurring.

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