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Dangerous Davis Intersections

Dangerous Davis Intersections
Dangerous Davis Intersections

I’m Ed Smith, a Davis car accident lawyer. Car accidents are almost never expected and can take individuals by surprise. However, data can help us to better understand the conditions under which accidents are more likely to happen. One thing that researchers have come to understand is that intersections can be especially likely spots for accidents to occur.

In Davis, certain intersections have been the site of more accidents than others. For a myriad of reasons, these sites are places where area drivers should pay special attention in order to avoid serious injury collisions.

Intersection List

Data compiled by University of California researchers has shown us that, over the last 7 years, these intersections, and areas within 50 feet of them, have seen a higher rate of auto accidents resulting in traumatic injuries than other locations in the city.

  • County Road 104 and County Road 32 (16 collisions)
  • Oak Avenue and Russell Boulevard (16 collisions)
  • Olive Drive and Richards Boulevard (10 collisions)
  • A Street and Russell Boulevard (8 collisions)
  • 3rd Street and L Street (8 collisions)
  • Covell Boulevard and F Street (8 collisions)
  • Anderson Road and Villanova Drive (7 collisions)
  • Anderson Road and Covell Boulevard (6 collisions)
  • Chiles Road and Ensenada Drive (6 collisions)
  • Covell Boulevard and Pole Line Road (6 collisions)

What Makes Intersections Dangerous?

There are many different reasons why intersections tend to be the site of car crashes. One important factor is that navigating an intersection is simply more complex than driving on a straightaway. When oncoming vehicles are on every side, existing accident factors such as distraction and reckless driving have a higher chance of resulting in a collision.

Another factor in danger of intersections is poorly designed or malfunctioning signage and traffic signals. Drivers who can’t see or understand traffic signals are more liable to make serious mistakes. Yet another factor is the high rate of pedestrian usage of intersections. With pedestrians crossing at intersections more often than other roadway locations, drivers have more opportunities to make a mistake and strike them.

Watch Youtube Video – Davis Opens New Kind of Bike Intersections ~ by KCRA 3 News:

In the video below you will recall that in 2015 the City of Davis took steps to improve bicyclist safety along East Covell Boulevard (0ne of the dangerous intersections mentioned in our list above).

Staying Safe

Short of redesigning roads and traffic signals, there are things that can be done by drivers to reduce the frequency of traumatic intersection accidents.

One important thing that drivers can do is to slow down well before reaching the intersection. Gradually slowing, both lets drivers behind you anticipate your stopping and allows you more time to avoid unforeseen obstacles.

Drivers should also leave plenty of space between their vehicle and the vehicle stopped in front of them at an intersection. This is important to do because accidents are often made worse when a vehicle is rear-ended at an intersection and pushes the vehicles ahead of it into a traffic-filled area. Leaving space between your vehicle and vehicles in front of you creates a buffer zone that can prevent these chain-reaction intersection collisions from happening.

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