Dangerous Chico Intersections

Dangerous Chico Intersections

Dangerous Chico Intersections

I’m Ed Smith, a Chico personal injury lawyer. Car accidents can occur in any part of the road, and it isn’t always possible to know where a crash might take place. However, there are always specific areas that have a higher chance of being the site of an accident than others. One of the most dangerous roadway areas in any city are intersections, which typically see a high rate of traumatic accidents. Chico is no exception and has intersections that have been the location of a high number of crashes. Residents of the area and those who frequently drive in the city may want to know about the most dangerous intersections in Chico.

What Makes Intersections Dangerous?

There are many different reasons that an intersection can be dangerous, but perhaps the most crucial factor to consider is that traffic is more complex at intersections compared to other areas of the road. Since vehicles are coming from four directions, drivers need to be even more aware of their surroundings. Additionally, drivers have to practice careful timing when traveling in areas with traffic approaching from perpendicular directions to stay safe.

Chico’s Dangerous Intersections

The intersections in Chico that saw the highest number of car accidents over the last 12 years are listed below next to the number of injury-causing crashes that took place near that location from 2006 to 2017. The following information was compiled from accident data by UC Berkeley:

  1. Lincoln Street and Oro Dam Boulevard – 39
  2. East Avenue and Esplanade – 33
  3. Feather River Boulevard and Oro Dam Boulevard – 31
  4. 1st Avenue and Esplanade – 31
  5. Birch Street and Skyway – 29
  6. Clark Road and Pearson Avenue – 29
  7. 5th Avenue and Mangrove Avenue – 28
  8. 9th Street and Oroville Avenue – 27
  9. Gridley Road and Magnolia Street and State Route 99 – 27
  10. Bille Road and Skyway – 27

Government Entity Claims for Roadway Defects

Some intersections can be dangerous for factors outside of a driver’s control, such as road defects. These defects may include poor roadway design, obstructed intersections, lack of hazard signs, and more. When a roadway defect causes an accident, the government entity that is responsible for maintaining that road can be held responsible for resulting damages. However, filing a claim against a government entity can sometimes be difficult as certain deadlines must be met to recover compensation, such as filing a claim within six months from the date of loss. For this reason, contacting an experienced personal injury attorney in Chico can make the difference in protecting the statute and securing your right to a favorable recovery.

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