Dangerous Auburn Intersections

Dangerous Auburn Intersections

Dangerous Auburn Intersections

I’m Ed Smith, an Auburn personal injury lawyer. Auburn is a historic Northern California city with a population of around 13,300 people. As part of the Greater Sacramento area and seat of the Placer County government, Auburn sees a fair amount of vehicle traffic despite being a smaller city. As with anywhere with traffic, accidents do happen in Auburn. Sadly, these crashes often leave people with serious injuries. However, by understanding what causes collisions, drivers can reduce their chances of being hurt in a wreck. While accidents happen for many different reasons, an important factor in many crashes is that they occur at intersections.

Intersections are more often the site of injury-causing accidents than other areas of the road and some are more dangerous than others. In Auburn, a few locations stand out as sites that frequently see serious crashes.

Intersections Ranked

The intersections in Auburn in which traumatic car accidents most often happened are included below. Next to the street names is the number of injury collisions that took place within 250 feet of the site during the last 10 years (2008-2017).

  1. Grass Valley Highway at Fulweiler Avenue and Elm Avenue (16)
  2. Elm Avenue at State Route 49 (15)
  3. Grass Valley Highway at Palm Avenue (14)
  4. Fulweiler Avenue and Sterling Avenue (13)
  5. Borland Avenue at El Dorado Street and Lincoln Way (11)
  6. Elm Avenue at High Street (9)
  7. Auburn Folsom Road at High Street and Sacramento Street (7)
  8. Auburn Folsom Road at HighStreet (7)
  9. Hale Street and High Street (6)
  10. Aeolia Drive and Lincoln Way (6)

Why are Intersections Dangerous?

It’s widely understood that intersections are dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. This is partly due to the fact that traffic comes from four different directions at intersections, creating more opportunities for accidents to occur. However, some intersections have other issues which include:

  • High Traffic – Busy intersections are also usually the most dangerous. More bicyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles on the road not only means more chances for accidents to happen but can make traffic more hectic and confusing.
  • Poor Visibility – At some intersections, it can be hard to see important road signs, traffic lights, and even oncoming vehicles. These objects are often hard to see because of things like trees, overpasses, elevated areas, and statues. Other times, bad visibility is a matter of poor roadway design.
  • No Left-Turn Lanes – Motorists turning to the left are often involved in accidents. This is partly because left-hand turns can require drivers to make quick judgments that can lead to simple timing mistakes. Left-turn lanes can help clear up these problems and make intersections safer.

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