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August 22, 2019
Edward Smith

Artisan Fair Coming to Sacramento

Art lovers will be glad to hear that the 2019 Curtis Fest Artisan Fair, an exciting public event, is scheduled for August 25 at William Curtis Park on 3349 W Curtis Drive. The artisan fair is being held from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and will feature more than 75 local artisans, live music, different food offerings, a Fairy Land for the youngsters and even a refreshment station for your pets. 

What You’ll Find at the Curtis Fest Artisan Fair

This is the 13th year that the Curtis Fest Artisan Fair is being held. The event is free of cost and open to the public, so a large crowd is expected. Local artists who will have their items on view at this artisan fair include painters, woodworkers, sculptors, and textile artists. Those who are looking to brighten their living space or are collectors will have a good time checking out the offerings. Some of the artists who will be present include:

  • Art Inspired by animals and nature by Dawn Pedersen
  • Chula tribe jewelry
  • Fine metal pieces and jewelry from the Sacramento Fine Metals Guild
  • Mixed media and creative art by Hati Meier-King
  • Imaginative multidisciplinary art by Melon
  • Jewelry by Mina Andujar
  • Painted glassware by Rachel Warren
  • Custom calligraphy lettering by Hillary Alice

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