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Corrective Exercises and Injury Recovery

Corrective Exercises and Injury Recovery

Corrective exercises can be an important part of someone’s recovery from a serious traumatic injury. Also known as corrective exercise therapy, the goal of this treatment program is to use human physiology and biomechanics to target someone’s specific injury, helping them recover. When someone gets hurt playing sports, in a physical assault, or in a traumatic accident, they are often unable to use a certain part of their body for an extended period of time. As a result, the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in this part of the body start to lose their strength.

Corrective exercises are used to improve posture, balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and more. These exercises can be designed to suit almost any injury. A successful corrective exercise program can help an individual make a full recovery following a serious injury. There are several principles that corrective exercises must follow.

Corrective Exercises Will Inhibit Tense Muscles

While this might sound counterintuitive, corrective exercises are sometimes needed to inhibit certain muscles. In certain cases, there are tense areas of the body that are overactive. In some cases, people are using these muscles to try to compensate for areas of weakness. These muscles need to be inhibited to allow someone to rebuild strength in other areas. By inhibiting tense muscles, individuals can relieve sore and overused muscles. This will also help someone improve circulation throughout this area of their body, speeding their recovery process.

Lengthening Muscle Fibers

One of the major tenets of a corrective exercise program is lengthening targeted muscle groups. Using static stretches and neuromuscular stretching techniques, muscle fibers can be lengthened. This is important because longer muscle fibers help someone reduce stiffness. Often, during the recovery process, muscles that aren’t used for a prolonged period of time will feel stiff. By lengthening muscle fibers, this stiffness is relieved, allowing someone to use their muscles freely. This will restore someone’s range of motion and can even be used to improve posture.

Weak Muscles Will Be Activated

By following the first two principles above, muscles that have been identified as weak will be activated. By activating muscles, strength and endurance are improved. Specialized exercise programs can be put together that isolate and target these weakened muscle groups. By improving the strength in these muscles, they will be primed to support the injured area of the body as it continues to recover. Activating these muscle groups is one of the keys to corrective exercise programs. As the process continues, the muscles will get stronger, helping to bring the strength and endurance of that injury site back to baseline.

Strengthened Muscle Groups are Integrated

Once the muscle groups have been strengthened, they can be integrated with the rest of the body. In this principle, dynamic total body exercises are used to incorporate the injury site in coordinated exercises. As the muscle groups are integrated with the rest of the body, individuals are able to restore their coordination. Movement and exercise patterns are designed to bring the recovery process full circle, completing the recovery process. Integrated, dynamic exercises are used to solidify the progress that has been made. Using corrective exercises, those who have suffered a traumatic injury can engage in a comprehensive, well-rounded treatment program.

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