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Coping with Bereavement and Grief

Coping with Bereavement and Grief


Coping with Bereavement and Grief

I’m Ed Smith, a Rocklin Wrongful Death Lawyer.  It can be challenging to move on with your life while dealing with the death of someone you loved. Coping with death can be an emotional and  traumatic experience, and it is not uncommon for people to feel depressed and lonely during this time. The process of coping is different for everyone, however there are still a few basic guidelines and tips. Practicing these guidelines will help speed up your recovery with proper mental, emotional, and physical healing.

Tip #1: Embrace your feelings/emotions

After hearing the heart-shattering news of a loved one’s death, people typically experience a rollercoaster of emotions that come and go randomly. It is important to accept all feelings that you have during this fragile period, because all feelings are valid while you are coping with bereavement. The key is to avoid internalizing your emotions. Wrongful deaths caused by medical malpractice or products liability can evoke a lot of anger and frustration. There is no right or wrong way to feel during this time, so accept the vulnerability of your emotions and allow your feelings to come and go with patience and tolerance. No two people experience grief alike. It is important to remember, your grieving experience is unique to you. Be gentle with yourself as you move through the stages of grief and loss.

Tip #2: Have a support system

The grief and pain associated with death can tempt you into isolating yourself from everyone you hold closest. However, receiving face-to-face support from friends and family will help the gradual healing process. Do it when it feels right to you. No one should force you. When you are ready, there are many places where you can experience emotional support. You may want to start with your friends and family. Perhaps your religious faith has bereavement groups. Investigate support groupstherapists and grief counselors, and even social media can be an effective platform to seek out support systems. There are always people who care about you and want to help, but they may just not know how to express it. Whatever you need to find comfort – silence, a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to – let them know.

Tip #3: Take care of yourself

Self-care is the most crucial step for self-healing. You can overcome your feelings by acknowledging the pain you’re experiencing. You can try to find a creative outlet that will allow you to express your emotions. Your emotional health is important, and so is your physical health. Make sure that you are eating right, sleeping well, and excercising often. The mind and body are intertwined, and being physically strong will give you a better sense of emotional strength. Mentally healthy people find it easier to cope with grief in times of severe loss and emotional distress.

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