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Chronic Medical Problems With a Traumatic Brain Injury

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December 13, 2017
Edward Smith

Chronic Medical Problems With a Traumatic Brain Injury

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield Brain Injury Lawyer. When someone suffers a traumatic brain injury, they are often concerned about the prognosis that it might carry. This is a valid concern and the prognosis of a brain injury is just as much about the quality of life as it is about life and death itself. When people live with a traumatic brain injury, there are numerous chronic medical problems that they might have the deal with.

Why do Chronic Medical Problems Develop?

Someone who has experienced traumatic brain injury is likely to experience chronic medical problems. While there are many acute symptoms that might develop and then fade, the chronic medical problems could stick around for the rest of the patient’s life. Someone who has experienced a traumatic brain injury has damaged many of the neurons in the brain. These neurons may never heal once the damage has been done. Because of the permanent damage to parts of the brain tissue, permanent medical problems could develop due to a loss of these neurons. This is where the chronic medical problems comes from.

Examples of Possible Chronic Medical Problems with Brain Damage

The chronic medical problems that someone might experience with brain damage will depend on the types of injury that the person has sustained. Examples of possible chronic medical problems include memory loss, possibly anterograde or retrograde, difficulty with performing activities of daily living, and even drastic personality changes. People could have chronic motor problems that they are dealing with as well, particularly if they have suffered spinal cord damage. Once a brain injury has been diagnosed, it is important to begin treatment as quickly as possible to try and prevent these issues from becoming permanent. With early treatment, the progression of the brain damage can be halted, preserving vital neurologic function and preventing these issues from becoming permanent.

Legal Assistance Can Help People Live with Chronic Medical Problems

When someone has sustained a brain injury and develops chronic medical problems as a result, these complications can lead to significant expenses that families could be wondering how to pay for. In some cases, brain injuries could have been sustained under questionable circumstances that deserve to be investigated by a trained legal professional. Sometimes, accidents need to be examined from different angles to ensure that various details are not missed. In this situation, speaking with an experienced brain injury lawyer in Fairfield is a wise choice.

Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer in Fairfield

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