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Complications of Sinus Fractures

 Complications of Sinus Fractures

Complications of Sinus Fractures

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer. Sinus fractures are less common than wrist or leg fractures. Despite this, the complications of sinus fractures can be severe. It is essential to understand these complications so that they can be treated appropriately.

The sinuses are pockets of air within the facial bones. Most people are familiar with their sinuses through an infection, which can cause people to spike a fever and feel uncomfortable. While sinus infections can make people feel weak and tired, bone fractures in the sinuses can occur as well. These traumatic injuries typically result from a direct impact to the face. Sinus fractures can be viewed as a subset of facial fractures. Some of the common causes of sinus fractures include:

  • Car Accidents: In auto accidents, people’s faces can collide with the steering wheel or dashboard, leading to a fracture.
  • Assault: Physical assault, including punches to the face, can break the bones that make up the sinuses.
  • Contact Sports: Sports such as soccer, lacrosse, and football can lead to facial trauma that causes sinus fractures. This is why wearing protective equipment is essential.

Once sinus fractures have been confirmed, they will need to be repaired.

Serious Complications Can Develop

Sinus fractures can lead to some complications. A research paper was recently published that examined all of the difficulties following surgical repair of sinus fractures. Based on the results, about 20% of their patients had complications following surgery. They include:

  • Infection: One of the most common post-operative surgical difficulties are due to infections. One patient in the study actually formed an abscess, which required another trip to the operating room.
  • A headache: About 5% of the patients experienced a chronic headache problem. This frequently develops due to changes in the pressure within the sinuses. This change in pressure can cause discomfort.
  • Hardware Damage: Although rare, 3% of the patients had problems with the hardware used to repair their sinuses. Sometimes, the device comes loose from the bones in the face. This requires surgery for correction.

Assistance with Sinus Fractures is Available

When someone has sustained sinus fractures, these complications can lead to significant quality of life. Surgical correction of sinus fractures can be expensive. Even if someone has health insurance, deductibles can be substantial. These problems are enough to make any family ask for help. In addition to seeking medical assistance, speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Sacramento can help people find solutions. A lawyer can provide guidance with:

  • Financial Problems: Hospital bills and insurance deductibles can place families under stress. An attorney can negotiate on behalf of a family.
  • Medical Records: Families may want to know why complications developed. A lawyer has experience reading medical records and can translate this terminology into simple terms that families can understand.
  • Court: In some situations, families may need to go to court. A family and an attorney can review all of the issues together and decide on the best course of action.

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