Comparison of Penetrating and Blunt Traumatic Brain Injuries

Comparison of Penetrating and Blunt Traumatic Brain Injuries

Comparison of Penetrating and Blunt Traumatic Brain Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Lathrop Brain Injury Attorney. The world of brain injuries has seen a significant amount of evolution in recent years. Due to the devastation that these injuries have the potential to bring about, a significant amount of research has been performed regarding the various causes, effects, and complications that can develop. Recently, a medical research article was published comparing several different factors of penetrating and blunt traumatic brain injuries, with interesting results.

Mechanisms of Brain Injuries: Penetrating and Blunt

The article opened by comparing the mechanisms by which people sustain penetrating versus blunt traumatic brain injuries. Based on the results of the study, those who sustain blunt brain damage are more likely to have been involved in a serious slip and fall accident. This makes sense because as people fall, their skull is prone to striking the ground in a flush manner. This leads to a blunt brain injury and could be accompanied by a fractured skull as well. It can also lead to a bleed within the brain if one of the bone fragments slices one or more of the blood vessels. In comparison, auto accidents can lead to both blunt and penetrating brain injuries. While a blunt injury can be seen in a car crash if someone strikes their head on the dashboard, foreign objects can fly through the car, such as glass, and lead to a penetrating brain injury. In contrast with blunt injuries, penetrating injuries almost always lead to a bone fracture because the object has to go through the bone to be called a penetrating injury. Other mechanisms mentioned include criminal actions, such as gunshots and knife wounds, which also constitute penetrating brain injuries. When someone is showing symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, arriving at the proper mechanism is important because it could have implications for treatment options.

Treatment Options: Location Matters

The study went on to discuss the treatment options of those who sustain blunt and penetrating traumatic brain injuries. Some patients require surgery while others may be able to be managed with medications. What it comes down to is the absence or presence of swelling in the brain. This often comes from brain bleeds which take up space inside of the skull cavity. If liquid starts to take up space in the skull cavity, the pressure inside of the skull is going to increase. This could cause a potential herniation, which could lead to a wrongful death. Penetrating injuries are more likely to cause bleeding in the brain, leading to an increase in pressure. The location of the injury also matters because certain locations in the brain are more accessible to the surgeon and other locations are more prone to having a blood vessel injured. Diagnostic imaging plays a vital role because it assesses for all of these factors in addition to the potential presence of a foreign body that could be removed.

Complications can Arise

There are numerous potential complications that could arise with these injuries. Those who recover from a traumatic brain injury could be left with permanent motor or sensory deficits that could impact their quality of life. Brain injuries can also leave someone with chronic pain symptoms that might require long-term medications to manage. This can be complicated, particularly for families on a budget, and health insurance may balk at the idea of covering this. Families who are in need of assistance may find it helpful to speak with an experienced brain injury lawyer. An attorney that has been trained in such issues can help a family review their choices and select the one that is in their best interests.

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