Common Motorcycle Myths Debunked

Common Motorcycle Myths Debunked

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer. There are quite a few myths out there these days about motorcycle riding. Some of them tend to be true, while others you need to shy away from as much as possible. Whether you are a novice or experienced rider, these myths can cause a bit of confusion when enjoying all your motorcycle has to offer. Let’s look at some of the most common motorcycle myths that have been debunked in California.


Myth #1: Full-Face Helmets Restrict Visibility

Possibly the most common myth out there is that full-face helmets restrict your visibility. This cannot be further from the truth because of one important note: the Department of Transportation requires helmets provide riders with 210-degrees of view. This means that your peripheral vision will not be affected by a full-face helmet. Aside from protecting your face during an accident, a full-face helmet also keeps water, bugs, debris, and wind from hitting your face while riding.

Myth #2: Look the Part by Wearing Leather

Motorcycle riders wear leather as often as possible not because it helps them “look the part,” but because it actually protects their body in the event of an accident. For one, leather is strong enough to prevent riders from suffering cuts and abrasions should a rider hit the asphalt during an accident. Leathers can protect against a serious case of road rash. Another advantage of leather is the fact that it keeps a rider warm in cooler temperatures.

Myth #3: The Highway is More Dangerous Than Side Streets

Many motorcycle riders believe that if they avoid the highway and ride on side streets that they will be safer. This myth has been busted by statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which said in a 2007 study that 91 percent of all accidents involving a motorcycle and a vehicle occurred on roads other than interstates. Common dangers from smaller roads such as stop-and-go traffic, intersections, narrower streets, and opposing traffic are all eliminated when on a highway or interstate.

Myth #4: You Will Be Seen by Other Drivers

Another myth that many motorcycle riders tend to believe, especially novice ones, is that they will be seen by other drivers on the road. Motorcycle drivers should always be taught to believe one thing; other drivers WILL NOT see you on the road. You need to become a better defensive driver when on a motorcycle compared to when you drove a car or SUV. Driving with the mindset that you won’t be seen can save your life in California.

Myth #5: Beginners Should Ride a Big Motorcycle

Many people continue to perpetuate this myth by telling those interested in riding that a big motorcycle is safer. A big bike is not a safer option for new riders because of the sheer weight of it. A big motorcycle can weigh some 700 pounds and new riders likely won’t know how to properly balance the bike or handle the added weight. Bigger bikes have higher torque in the engine, which can lead to you spinning your wheels when making a turn and landing on the street below you.

Myth #6: Lay Down the Bike if a Crash is Imminent

The final myth we will look at today involves laying down your motorcycle if a crash is imminent. So many riders were taught this at a young age and it is simply not good advice. There is not enough time to react to a possible crash with this method and it’s not safe to throw your body to the ground in anticipation either.

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