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Comcast Outage Outrage

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July 13, 2016
Edward Smith

Comcast Outage Outrage


Comcast Outage Outrage

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacamento Personal Injury Lawyer. Comcast should be punished in a court of law for the outrageous way it is dropping the ball for its loyal customers.

What Happened?

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016, Comcast business phone service went down leaving thousands of small-to-medium sized businesses without the main tool used to conduct business.

At our law office for example, we had no inbound or outbound phone service. It wasn’t just for a little while. This was the situation for the majority of the business day.

Comcast’s Huge Nationwide Outage 

Comcast business telephone customers across the United States were impacted by the outage. It was huge and it was nationwide. Comcast acknowledged that some customers  may be experiencing problems with their phone service. Nice way to downplay the magnitude of the situation, Comcast.

What Went Wrong?

We don’t know what went wrong because Comcast won’t return our phone calls (we had to call them on our cell phones). It’s a disgrace that Comcast is behaving like a shy teen, not returning calls, hiding what went wrong, being totally unaccountable for the untold damages to thousands of small and medium sized businesses in the United States.

Also Affected By Comcast Lines Being Down

  • Some Police and Fire Department – (Somerset, Massachusetts for example).
  • Various Urgent Care Facilities
  • Various Emergency Veternarian Services

That Number Has Been Disconnected

Comcast had the chutzpah to put on a recorded message greeting, “This number is no longer in service” implying that the businesses called was kaput instead of stepping up with a more accurate recording, something like:

“Comcast, now serving Sub- Sahara Africa as well as providing phone service to small and medium sized businesses in the United States, has temporarily disabled this number.
This in not a Comcast error, as we never make errors. It is simply our efforts to equalize the quality of service in all areas of the globe we service. Your phones will work correctly in a few days or weeks. No worries”


Comcast simply doesn’t care . We are acting accordingly and finding aternate providers. We expect this is not the last time

Comcast will neglect it’s loyal customers.

Businesses Had to Turn to Facebook and Twitter to Communicate With Their Customers

The only way we could get a message out to our customers was through Facebook.  At least we were able to post on our Facebook account that our phones were down. We gave customers an alternate way of reaching us.

The Comcast Contractual Fine Print

This is part of the Comcast agreement…note how slyly they protect themselves and say a credit is the only remedy.

e. Disruption of Service. The Service(s) are not fail-safe and are not designed or intended for use in situations requiring fail-safe performance or in which an error or interruption in the Service(s) could lead to severe injury to business, persons, property, or environment (“High Risk Activities”). These High Risk Activities may include, without limitation, vital business, or personal communications, or activities where absolutely accurate data or information is required. You expressly assume the risks of any damages resulting from High Risk Activities. We shall not be liable for any inconvenience, loss, liability, or damage resulting from any interruption of the Service(s), directly or indirectly caused by, or proximately resulting from, any circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to, causes attributable to you or your property; inability to obtain access to the Premises; failure of any signal at the transmitter; failure of a communications satellite; loss of use of poles, or other utility facilities; strike; labor dispute; riot or insurrection; war; explosion; malicious mischief; fire, flood, lightning, earthquake, wind, ice, extreme weather conditions, or other acts of God; failure or reduction of power; or any court order, law, act or order of government restricting or prohibiting the operation or delivery of the Service(s). In all other cases of an interruption of the Service(s), you shall be entitled upon a request made within 120 days of such interruption, to a pro rata credit for any Service(s) interruption exceeding twenty-four consecutive hours after such interruption is reported to us, or such other period of time as may be specifically provided by law. Unless specifically provided by law, such credit shall not exceed the fixed monthly charges for the month of such Service(s) interruption and excludes all nonrecurring charges, one-time charges, per call or measured charges, regulatory fees and surcharges, taxes and other governmental and quasi-governmental fees.EXCEPT AND UNLESS SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED BY LAW, SUCH CREDIT SHALL BE YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR AN INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE(S). Any credits provided by Comcast are at our sole discretion and in no event shall constitute or be construed as a course of conduct by Comcast.


Conclusion of Comcast Outgage Outrage

I, for one, am through with this arrogant, unresponsive company. I am actively searching for a more reliable provider and I urge all affected to do the same.


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