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Clearlake School Zones

Clearlake Police School Zone Traffic Reminder

School Zones in Clearlake

Authorities from the Clearlake Police Department are advising the community to drive carefully around students commuting in Clearlake.


Drivers in the vicinity of Clearlake are advised to drive with extra precaution around school children for safety purposes. According to the traffic officer for the Clearlake Police Department, Mike Perrault, he states that there will be an increase of students traveling to and from class after labor day weekend. For this reason, authorities are urging drivers to drive safely around school children to prevent avoidable accidents.

School Zone Traffic Rules

Mike Perrault encourages motorists in the city of Clearlake to take the following steps while driving around school children:

  • Drivers are encouraged to take it easy while driving. This includes giving yourself enough time to commute to and from your destinations.
  • All drivers must be aware of pedestrians, bicyclists, and crosswalk guards while driving through a school zone. The California Driver Handbook states that the motorist of a vehicle should drive at safe speeds at or under the speed limit for the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists utilizing crosswalks and crossing the roadway.
  • The speed limit in a school zone is 25 miles per hour. Motorists commuting in school zones are advised not to exceed the speed limit for children are outside and crossing the roadway. The speed limit in a school zone is 25 mph even if you don’t see a posted speed limit sign.
  • The California Vehicle Code #22454 states that a motorist shall remain stopped when approaching a school bus with stop signal arm and flashing red light signals. The driver of the vehicle driving by the area of a stopped school bus shall remain stopped until the red flashing light signals are no longer in use. Any driver found violating the following law can receive a fine up to $1,000. The motorist’s driving privilege can be suspended up to a year as well.
  • Motorists must yield the right of way to pedestrians utilizing marked crosswalks.
  • The California Vehicle Code #21212 states that any bicyclist that is not 18 years old must utilize a helmet while bicycling on a roadway, bikeway, and public bike trail or pathway. The following law also requires children under the age of 18 to utilize a helmet while riding on a skateboard, scooter, or utilizing inline skates. Parents are encouraged to ensure that their children are wearing helmets. It only takes a moment to put the helmet on and potentially save a life.

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