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April 27, 2024
Edward Smith

Serious Citrus Heights Two-Vehicle Crash Occurs on Old Ranch Road

A Citrus Heights two-vehicle crash Involving two vehicles caused critical injuries on April 25. The collision occurred, according to the Citrus Heights Police Department, along Old Ranch Road near Oak Avenue shortly after 5:00 p.m. When the two vehicles collided, one exited the roadway and struck a tree. 

Person Extricated in Citrus Heights Two-Vehicle Crash Hospitalized in Critical Condition

Sacramento Metro Fire responders had to extricate one person from their vehicle, and they were hospitalized with critical injuries. Impairment does not appear to factor into the cause of the crash, according to police. Citrus Heights police are in charge of the accident investigation to determine fault and how it occurred. 

Legal Assistance for Injuries After a Two-Vehicle Crash

If you suffer injuries in a Citrus Heights two-vehicle crash, you may face hospitalization and resulting high medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. If it was the other driver who caused the collision by being negligent, you can recover compensation for those losses with the help of an accident attorney. Because injury lawyers charge you only if you win your case, you lose nothing by seeking their help.

Is There a Timeline in Which I Can File an Injury Claim?

California law permits an injury claim, called the statute of limitations, to be filed against a negligent driver within two years of the date the accident occurred. However, there are good reasons not to wait that long. For example, witnesses who can corroborate how the crash occurred can move away within that time and become difficult to locate. In addition, accident scene evidence can disappear, which could harm your ability to recover compensation.

What Will My Injury Lawyer Do?

Your lawyer will not only protect your rights and explain how your case will proceed, but they will also keep you up to date on progress and work hard to recover the compensation you deserve. The lawyer will gather the evidence that supports your claim, build a robust case, and negotiate with the negligent driver’s insurance company for you. If, on the outside chance the insurance company is uncooperative, the lawyer can present your case in court.

Getting Compensation After a Traffic Accident Injury

If you suffer injuries in a Citrus Heights two-vehicle crash, you have several types of compensation available. Compensation can include:

  • Recoverable medical expenses include hospitalization, surgeries, doctor’s bills, ambulance fees, and testing through rehabilitation costs. If the injury continues into the future, the settlement for medical costs reflects this issue.
  • Lost wages due to the inability to work while recovering can be recovered. If the injury results in having to take a job that pays less, the difference in salaries is recoverable. In cases of permanent disability, the injured person recovers compensation until they reach retirement age.
  • Compensation for trauma, psychological distress, and emotional pain as forms of suffering are recovered. This type of compensation generally calculates to between 1.5 and 5 times the amount of your other compensation, depending on the severity.

Attorney Ed Smith has highlighted various crucial traits to look for in a legal advocate:


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