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January 18, 2023
Edward Smith

Greenback Lane Traffic Accident Shoves SUV Into Building

A traffic accident in Citrus Heights on January 16 caused an SUV to crash into a Dairy Queen, causing injuries to patrons sitting in a booth. The collision occurred along Greenback Lane between Dewey Drive and Hilltree Avenue and was the result of a two-vehicle crash. Three clients were seated at a booth inside the building when the SUV crashed through the restaurant’s wall. 

Two People Transported to Hospital Following Traffic Accident Involving a Dairy Queen

Two people were transported to a hospital for evaluation, according to the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District. The cause of the accident is under investigation by the Citrus Heights Police Department. Structural damage occurred to the building housing the Dairy Queen, and no information has been released on when it will reopen.

How a Traffic Accident Causes a Car to Crash Into a Building

In the event of a traffic crash, one or more vehicles may be propelled off the road and into an adjacent building. Depending on the severity of the crash, there can be different causes and scenarios as to how this could occur. One common reason is when a car is rear-ended at high speed, causing it to spin out of control and lose momentum. This can cause the car to veer off the road, often at an angle that can make it crash into a building. In addition, if the impact is severe enough, or if another vehicle or object is involved in blocking its path, it could cause even more damage and send the car further than expected.

Another cause of a car crashing into a building is when the driver suddenly loses control, typically due to an unexpected maneuver. In some cases, excessive speed or distracted driving can also cause drivers to lose control of the car and send it careening off the road.

Determining Liability When a Traffic Collision Occurs and Causes a Crash Into a Building

When a traffic accident causes one of the vehicles to crash into a building, determining liability can become complicated. Generally speaking, the driver at fault for the initial collision will be responsible for all damage caused by their vehicle, including that to an adjacent building. In some cases, multiple drivers may be held liable if they are both found to have contributed to the crash, either by speeding or not exercising due care and caution.

It is important to remember that traffic collisions can have serious and long-lasting consequences for all parties involved, both financial and emotional. As such, if you or someone you know is ever involved in a car accident that causes one or more cars to crash into a building, it is crucial to seek legal and medical advice as soon as possible.

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