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October 09, 2015
Edward Smith


City of Citrus Heights – Red Light Photo Enforcement Program (RLEP)

The video taken of cars that are suspected of running red lights are routed to a secure internet connection. The images come up in the Photo Enforcement Officer’s computer for review and evaluation. This officer is a seasoned traffic enforcement officer. The officer has years of experience working in traffic collision investigations and is trained in the use of the photo enforcement system.

When the officer receives a suspected violation, he studies the video footage. The footage shows the front and the rear of the car a few seconds before, and after, the running of the red light. If the officer makes a finding that the driver of the car is in violation, he then begins to determine if that driver can be positively identified as the car’s registered owner.

If the driver is the registered owner, and is identified by their DMV photo, they will be issued a citation.

What if the driver does not appear to be the registered owner?

In this case the officer does not issue a citation. Instead, the officer requests the help of the registered owner by mailing a violation notice to the address as it appears on the registration. This notice asks the registered owner to provide information on the driver. If the registered owner is not the driver of the car, and does not comply with information of who the driver is, a citation will not be issued. If the registered owner of the car does provide the necessary information on the driver, and the officer can positively identify that individual, that driver will be issued a notice of violation and citation.

What if I receive a citation in the mail?

Carefully read the instructions on the notice. Most questions you may have will be answered in detail on the citation itself. Court options and information are available to assist you on the Sacramento County Court’s website:

What if I do nothing?

If you receive a citation in the mail, you must either go to court, or pay the fine. Remember, you have been identified as the driver of the car. The citation is issued to you as an individual. The citation is not issued to the vehicle. So even if you have sold the car, you will be responsible for appearing in court or, in the alternative, paying the ticket. Remember, if you do not show up for court and/or do not pay the fine, you may wind up having the courts issue a failure to appear notice. That information then gets forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Beware:  DMV may suspend your driver’s license for failure to appear in court and/or pay fines.

What if I was not driving my car and received a citation in the mail?

A photo of the individual driving the car at the time of the violation will appear on the citation. Even if you are not the person in the photo but have received the citation YOU MUST ACT.
Here’s what to do: Contact Citrus Heights Police Department at (916) 727-5884.

What if I think I am innocent?

When you receive the citation, review the video of the violation on the internet. See the instructions on the back of the citation for information on how to do this. If you do not have internet, you may go to the Citrus Heights Police Department lobby during normal business hours and view it there. Bring your citation with you. You will need the information on the notice to view your violation footage.

What if I still dispute the violation after viewing video footage?

You will want to be sure to appear in court on the date listed on the citation. At your hearing you will be able to dispute the matter.

What if I don’t want to appear in court?

You may choose to pay your fine. Be sure to do it before the due date/court date. You may pay by using this website: http://www.saccourt.cagov/traffic/payingfines.aspx

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