Citrus Heights Infrastructure Investments Benefit Communities

Infrastructure Investments Benefit Citrus Heights Communities

Investments in infrastructure can cultivate many benefits way beyond the road for local communities. According to a 2021 report from the League of California Cities, future spending on federal, state, and local infrastructure will bring about $200 billion in economic activity to the Golden State. That means for every $1 spent on infrastructure, there is a return of $4.30 in economic activity.

How Citrus Heights is Benefiting from Such Investments

The city of Citrus Heights is seeing how its latest infrastructure investments can benefit local communities and residents. City officials have welcomed a transportation philosophy called “complete streets.” Mobility for all residents, including motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users, is integrated into infrastructure projects. City officials say complete street projects can help create vibrant and walkable cities when fully implemented.

Complete Street Projects in Citrus Heights, CA

The Antelope Road Improvement Project is the first complete street project in Citrus Heights. The proposal added wider sidewalks and improved crosswalks, lighting, and landscaping. A similar plan on Sunrise Boulevard includes raised sidewalks, bicycle detecting sensors, cameras, transit stops, and shelters.

This philosophy is more apparent in the revitalization of Auburn Boulevard, a nearly 2-mile road that connects Citrus Heights and Roseville. The project is half complete and functional, with construction on the second half set to begin in early 2023. Once the project is completed, Citrus Heights residents can bike or walk safely to Louis Orlando Transit Center and other nearby parks, schools, and businesses.

Revitalizing Auburn Boulevard 

Before the redevelopment, Auburn Boulevard was used solely for vehicles with numerous vacant lots. Now the revitalized corridor looks highly different. The number of conflict points has been reduced, lowering the area’s crash rate by 9 percent.

Travel lanes are more narrow, and the street has extra protection from vertical curbs, reducing the possibility of an accident. The sidewalks and medians are lined with trees to give pedestrians and cyclists shade and barrier from oncoming traffic. Utility wires are placed underground to reduce sidewalk obstructions for pedestrians.

But city officials say the most significant change is not on Auburn Boulevard. It is what’s on both sides of the road: new businesses. Since the project began, the area has seen $23 million in private investment, increasing companies’ sales tax revenue in Citrus Heights. The once underutilized and low-density Sylvan Corners shopping center is now a vibrant neighborhood. Another intersection that once consisted of vacant lots now includes a Starbucks, bank, financial advisor offices, and other businesses.

Citrus Heights city council said the goal is to provide a sense of community vibrancy. They hope to make Auburn Boulevard a destination and not just a place people drive through.

Commercial and Residential Opportunities

Business owners like Tom Romeo believe these benefits are worth the wait. Romeo owns several commercial properties along the corridors and said he had employed hundreds of people through his businesses along the roadway. Because the revitalization is much more pedestrian-friendly, people can now walk in the area.

The location has also seen an increased residential development, including 93 new homes and the rezoning of a former middle school. City officials and business owners are excited for the second half of the project to start.

A Bright Future for Citrus Heights

Besides the Auburn Boulevard revitalization, Citrus Heights is working on another ambitious project. In late 2021, Citrus Heights city council unanimously approved transforming the Sunrise Mall shopping center into a multi-use development. Citrus Heights is now 98-percent built out, which means there are few opportunities for new growth.

These projects are essential for creating communities where everyone can live, work, and play and ensure the benefits are felt throughout the city.

Watch YouTube Video: Citrus Heights Approves Redevelopment Plan to Transform Sunrise Mall. KCRA 3 reports on Citrus Heights’ proposed plan to transform Sunrise Mall.

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