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January 08, 2016
Edward Smith

Citrus Heights Car Crash Involving Horse

Citrus Heights Car Crash Involving Horse

On Wednesday, December 28, 2015, a horse was fatally wounded and three people were injured in a livestock vs. auto collision.

What Happened?

Four adult horses escaped from their home. They shimmied out of their paddock around 1:00 a.m. in the morning.

Where did this happen?

The horses galloped onto the roadway close to the intersection of Auburn Boulevard and Hackney Way in Citrus Heights.

What kind of vehicle was involved?

It was a small car.

What happened to the horses?

Three horses were uninjured. Unfortunately, one horse was hit hard and died from those injuries. We understand that the horse hit the hood, windshield and roof in the impact.

What happened to the occupants of the small car?

One of the three occupants had to extricated from the crushed auto. All three suffered varying degrees of minor to moderate injuries. They were transported to area hospitals.

VIEW: KCRA3 News photo of the damaged vehicle.

Who handles collisions involving farm animals?

The Edward A Smith Law Offices has handled many collisions involving horses and other farm animals. These accidents most often occur like this:

  • A head on crash due to the animal traveling across the road unexpectedly.
  • A rear end crash because a driver stops to let a roaming farm animal cross the roadway. Meanwhile, an inattentive motorist behind him crashes into the rear of his stopped car.
  • A startled motorist swerves to avoid the farm animal and then strikes a fence, tree, mailbox or other structure due to swerving.
  • Swerving into adjacent lane to avoid hitting an animal, In the process strikes another vehicle.

Does the owner of these animals bear any responsibility?

Yes. Livestock and animal owners have a duty here. They are to properly control their animals. Their animals are not to intrude onto roads or highways. Farm animal owners also have a duty to securely fence their properties. They must adequately confine their animals.

For the most part, in cases involving farm animals and livestock, it must be established that:

  • The accident is of a type which ordinarily does not happen in the absence of another’s carelessness;
  • The accident was caused by something that was within the other party’s (defendant’s) exclusive control; and
  • The accident was not due to any voluntary act by the motorist (plaintiff).

Generally, the above applies to most cases. There may be some exceptions. Contact your Citrus Heights Accident Lawyer, Ed Smith.

Livestock vs. Auto Collision Attorney

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