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December 01, 2015
Edward Smith

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CHP Rescues Elk Grove Family

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove Personal injury lawyer. A remarkable rescue took place in El Dorado County over the weekend. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) saved a family from plunging off the side of a cliff on Sunday, November 29, 2015. The frightening incident took place in icy terrain near Junction Reservoir in El Dorado County. The location is just off Ice House Road, north of Highway 50.

Details of a CHP rescue mission

A family of five kids and a dad found themselves in big trouble in the high country. This family was in dire need of a rescue from the California Highway Patrol. CHP Sgt. Robert Nevins, explains that there was about a 300 foot drop off of an embankment that the truck nearly slid off of. He said the truck’s rear tire was only about 12-inches away from the edge of the icy cliff. Officer Ronald Ellison deployed straps to tether the Dodge Ram pick up truck to a nearby tree. Meanwhile, CHP Helicopter Pilot, Monte Emery, hovered over the scene. The pilot could not land because of power lines, thick trees and icy terrain. The driver had been applying pressure to the brakes to keep from going over the side of the cliff. Eventually, a tow truck was dispatched to the remote location to pull the truck out. The helicopter pilot was able to help rescue workers find the isolated location.

Gone Fishing

The family had gone fishing at Junction Reservoir when they got stuck in the icy winter terrain. Thanks to team work in the air and on the ground, CHP rescues Elk Grove family from being stranded overnight in subzero weather.

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Source: KCRA 3 News – 6PM Broadcast of November 30, 2015

Photo Attribution: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Uploaded by: ShakataGaNai