CHP Takes Action Against Sideshows and Street Racing

CHP Promotes Anti-Sideshow and Street Racing Campaign

In an effort to end the illegal and hazardous activities of sideshows and street racing, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has unveiled an ambitious campaign that includes the installation of striking billboards throughout the state. One particularly attention-grabbing billboard features a crashed sports car, accompanied by the powerful message, “Street Racing & Sideshows – Thrills That Kill.” With over 50 displays scheduled for placement across California, these billboards serve as a stark reminder to the public about the grave dangers and severe consequences associated with attending or participating in sideshows and street racing.

Raising Awareness Statewide

As the summer approaches, these billboards will become familiar in areas where sideshows and street racing are prevalent, such as the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and the Central Valley. The intention is to reach as many individuals as possible and raise awareness about these reckless activities’ inherent risks and negative impacts.

CHP Deputy Commissioner Troy Lukkes emphasized the seriousness of the issue in a statement, saying, “Illegal street racing and sideshows put lives at risk, upset the quality of our neighborhoods, cause damage to private and public property, and in some cases, have resulted in the death of innocent people. Through our ongoing efforts, we want to message throughout California that this dangerous and illegal activity will not be tolerated.”

Statistics on Street Racing and Slideshows

Reflecting on the alarming statistics from previous years, the CHP revealed that in 2021 alone, they responded to over 7,300 sideshow incidents statewide, involving approximately 123,000 participants. While there was a notable decrease in incidents in 2022, the frequency of sideshows remains distressingly high, with these events growing more extensive and perilous.

Tragically, over five years, street racing and sideshows have been linked to 264 crashes, claiming 30 lives and causing injuries in 124 cases, as reported by the CHP. These distressing figures underscore the urgent need for intervention and serve as a sobering reminder of the devastating consequences that can arise from engaging in these illegal activities.

CHP Urges the Public to Help Stop Illegal Activities

The CHP’s multifaceted campaign seeks to mobilize the public, encouraging everyone to play an active role in curbing sideshows and street racing. By emphasizing the risks and consequences involved, the hope is to foster a safer environment for all Californians and deter individuals from participating in these dangerous endeavors.

Through this concerted effort, the California Highway Patrol aims to create a collective consciousness that rejects and condemns sideshows and street racing, sending a resounding message throughout the state: reckless and illegal activities will not be tolerated, and preserving lives and communities remains paramount.

Watch the YouTube video to learn what California officials are doing to push against sideshows and street racing.

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