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Chico Residents Clear Debris in Preparation for Winter

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November 29, 2022
Edward Smith

Residents in Chico Prepare for a Wet and Cold Week

With a wet and cold winter storm predicted this coming week, some Chico residents had to do extra chores over the weekend.

Many people were out on Sunday securing their yards for the wet week ahead. Several areas of Butte County are expected to get about an inch of rain, including Oroville and Chico, and Paradise is predicted to see about two inches of rainfall.

Chico residents were seen gathering leaves into piles and clearing their gutters. They said they had to get the leaves out of the gutter, or else they fill up and overflow, leaving a huge mess.

Crews from the City of Chico also help with leaf pickup yearly between November and December. The City asks that those doing yard work keep leaf piles one foot away from curbs and below four feet high.

What to Expect This Week

The latest weather report shows powerful rainfall starting Thursday and lasting through Sunday. The winter storm could drop over an inch of rain to most of the valley and several feet of fresh snow in the mountains. Highs will likely be in the lower 50s throughout the valley, and temperatures will decrease throughout the week. According to the Climate Prediction Center, cooler and wetter weather is expected for the next two weeks.

Another System is Expected Next Week

As cooler temperatures move into Northern California on Monday, residents can expect light snow in the mountains and below-average temperatures throughout early December.

Another winter weather system could bring rain and snow to the region next week. It will be the first measurable snow and rainfall since the storm earlier in November that dropped about 5 feet of mountain snow.

Watch YouTube Video: Cooler Weather Begins on Monday. The video from KCRA 3 below discusses the cooler weather and explains what you can expect this week.

Staying Safe During Wet and Cold Weather

Driving during cold temperatures is one of the most dangerous things to do. Since the colder season is a time of ice, excessive snow, rain, hail, and blizzards, the risk of a weather-related accident can be higher.

Reasons Why Accident Rates Increase Winter Storms

Motor vehicle accidents increase during the winter season for several reasons, including the following:

  • Low visibility: Heavy and thick snowfall can block your view of the road. Dense fog can descend to ground level, restricting your view to only several feet ahead.
  • Icy and slushy roads: Tires can lose traction along slippery and damp roads, which makes it more difficult to brake, accelerate, and turn.
  • Low vehicle maintenance: Most drivers don’t take their car in for a general check-up. During the wet season, car accidents can happen due to bald tires. Tires with poor treads can’t grip damp and icy roads, making them highly susceptible to skid.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Chico, CA

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Image by Надежда Зима from Pixabay

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