Chico Pedestrian Fatality at Intersection of Hartford and Forest

Accident at Hartford Drive Kills Elderly Pedestrian

A pedestrian fatality occurred in Chico on June 28 after an elderly woman was struck by a vehicle. The collision happened at about 10:00 a.m. at the intersection of Hartford Drive at Forest Avenue. When officers with the Chico Police Department arrived at the scene, they discovered Martha Davis, 86, on the ground. 

Driver in Pedestrian Fatality Accident Cooperates With Authorities

The intersection where Davis was struck does not have a crosswalk. She was transported to a local hospital and died there from the trauma she suffered in the accident. The driver remained at the scene, and officers were able to take statements from the occupants of the vehicle as well as witnesses to the collision. 

Driver Negligence Not Suspected in Pedestrian Fatality Accident 

Police indicated that the driver did not appear to be impaired and was not speeding at the time of the pedestrian fatality accident. The driver submitted to a blood draw without objection. Charges are not being filed against that person. The traffic along Forest Avenue heading north was redirected as an investigation into the fatal collision was conducted by authorities.

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

In order to avoid an accident, motorists must watch out for pedestrians when they are crossing a street, whether it is at a designated crosswalk, illegally or at an unmarked corner. A pedestrian’s death or injury can, however, be caused by a variety of factors. Poor lighting along the street may further complicate the situation as it is difficult for drivers to see a walker until it is too late. Weather conditions may make driving difficult as well, obscuring a driver’s vision. Accidents involving pedestrians usually occur due to driver error, which may be caused by:

Special Considerations to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident

Certain segments of the population may require more time to cross a street than others. This includes the elderly, children, parents pushing a baby carriage, the blind and the disabled. Being cautious when approaching an intersection allows them to cross safely, and patience may be necessary, especially if the light has already changed.

Government Negligence Causes Pedestrian Fatalities

It is possible for pedestrians to be killed or injured due to poor lighting, mistimed crossing lights, untrimmed shrubs that hide signs and other factors. An injury or fatality caused by a government entity calls for the immediate assistance of an experienced lawyer. This is because the time frame for filing for compensation is shorter than it is for other types of personal injuries. Because the statute of limitations for filing against a government entity is only six months, getting started right away can make a difference in whether your family can recover compensation or not. 

The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer

To recover damages in a pedestrian fatality accident, it has to be shown that another person or entity was negligent and caused the death. An injury lawyer can investigate the accident scene, use crash reconstructionists, obtain video footage from surveillance cameras, talk to the witnesses and use other ways to determine how the pedestrian fatality occurred. By building a case to recover damages, the family may be able to avoid the financial impact of their loved one’s death and obtain some sense of justice for their loss.

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