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The Challenges of Degloving Injury Treatment

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October 05, 2017
Edward Smith


The Challenges of Degloving Injury Treatment

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Degloving Injury Lawyer. Patients who suffer degloving injuries present a number of unique challenges during their treatment course. A recent review article has been published describing the challenges and approaches that medical professionals and patients can take during their recovery process.

Treatment Considerations of a Degloving Injury

Someone who has sustained a serious traumatic injury, such as a degloving injury, must ensure that they are receiving appropriate treatment. There are many complications and comorbidities that could develop, such as a bone fracture, that could alter the chosen treatment plan. Examples of possible treatment considerations include:

Finger InjuriesWhen someone has degloved their finger, such as in an auto accident, there are a couple of important treatment considerations that patients and medical professionals should strive for. First, the finger will need to be re-implanted in place. Effective connections need to be established between the finger tissue and the rest of the body. In addition, the finger will need a steady blood supply. The blood vessels need to be connected securely and ensure that blood flows without any leakage from the vessels. To ensure this happens, the patient could require follow-up imaging, such as an MRI.

Graft Injuries: On the other hand, injuries that are superficial in nature which do not involve tissue avulsion could be treated with a less involved procedure. This can be done for those degloving injuries that appear to be minor abrasions. In this scenario, patients can receive a free tissue transfer, used to cover any exposed tendons, bones, or joints. Proper flap reconstruction techniques can be employed to ensure that patients have an expedited healing process. If the skin that has been avulsed is still present, this can even be used as the graft treatment itself. Proper surgical technique promotes a proper nutrient supply, leading to a faster healing process.

While the medical complications of a degloving injury are complex, there are also numerous legal issues that must be addressed. Patients need to think about how the injury occurred and how they are going to cover the medical costs of this injury. Some insurance companies could refuse to cover the costs of the surgical procedures. If this happens, it can be helpful to speak with an experienced injury lawyer to learn about all of the options that are available. A caring attorney can help deal with insurance companies or negligent parties to help recover medical costs that would otherwise create an undue burden on the patient and their family.

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