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Causes of Hip Pain

Causes of Hip Pain

Following a traumatic accident, individuals could suffer from chronic hip pain. Unfortunately, this is only one of the many different types of chronic pain from which people could sustain. According to statistics from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH):

  • About one out of every five adults suffer from some form of chronic pain.
  • About 8 percent of people suffer from chronic pain that has an adverse impact on their overall quality of life.
  • Those without employment, health insurance, or living in poverty are more likely to suffer from chronic pain.
  • Chronic pain is more common in women than in men.
  • Chronic pain is more common in the elderly than in their younger counterparts.
  • Military veterans are more likely to suffer from chronic pain than their civilian counterparts.

This information can help people understand how chronic pain develops and who it affects. Those who have severe pain in one or both hips following an accident should see a medical professional.

Hip Pain: A Differential Diagnosis

There are a few common causes of hip pain after an auto accident. They include:

Bursitis: Bursitis is the name given to joint inflammation. A direct impact to the joint, an over-rotation of extension of the leg, or even gradual wear and tear can lead to bursitis. Trauma in an accident could lead to joint inflammation and chronic hip pain.

Dislocation: A hip dislocation can happen in a motor vehicle accident. If people lock their knees at the front of their car prior to sustaining an impact, the force can be transmitted up the leg and into the hip. This can lead to painful hip dislocation.

Hip fracture: A bone fracture in the hip can also lead to serious pain. Some fractures are more serious than others. A dislocated fracture often requires surgery to repair. Fractures can make it difficult for people to walk, stand, or even move.

Inguinal Hernia: An inguinal hernia can result from trauma to the groin region. This results in a palpable bulge. This can also lead to long-term pain in the hip. Hernias should be evaluated by a doctor because they could require emergent surgery.

Treatment of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be extremely debilitating. Regardless of the cause, there are a few treatments that people could find helpful. Some of these include:

Physical Therapy: Working with a physical therapist, particularly after an accident, can help people overcome their hip pain. This means working on leg strength, flexibility, and range of motion. As the leg continues to heal, this could help reduce the pain that people feel.

Medical Management: Pain medications can help relieve some forms of hip pain. Anti-inflammatory medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen are typically used first. For severe pain, narcotic medications such as Dilaudid are available; however, these have serious side effects and can be addictive. Therefore, these are typically avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Surgery: For particularly severe forms of hip pain, surgery is also an option. In some cases, this could involve opening up the hip and removing scar tissue, bone spurs, or other debris in the hip. In other situations, a hip replacement might be required. Typically, extensive rehabilitation is required following a hip replacement.

Watch YouTube Video: When to See a Doctor About Chronic Hip Pain.  In the video below, Dr. Steven Allsing with Sharp Grossmont Hospital explains when it’s time to see a doctor about chronic hip pain and when to consider a total hip replacement.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

Individuals who suffer from hip pain can have trouble sleeping at night, getting out of bed, and going to work. This can create some significant quality of life problems that can leave families looking for answers. For assistance, it is prudent to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Stockton. A trained legal professional can help families through:

  • Acting as a trained, professionals, and objective representative who can help families make difficult decisions
  • Speaking with insurance companies to make sure that all payouts are maximized
  • Assisting individuals and their loved ones in pursuing damages related to their injuries, chronic pain, and suffering
  • Shifting a case to trial when needed

Nobody should have to live their life in pain. Meeting with a Stockton personal injury lawyer can help families find answers. You and your loved ones could be owed a significant financial settlement.

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