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Sexual Abuser Receives Heavy Sentence for Abusing Minor

A man from Citrus Heights was sentenced as a child sexual predator on January 6 to a term of 24 years, four months in prison followed by 20 years supervision in a case that involved the abuse and exploitation of a minor, age 13. The sentence was handed down by a U.S. District Judge in the Eastern District of California. The sexual predator, a 48-year-old man from Citrus Heights, faced accusations of sexually abusing and videotaping the minor for months. 

Teacher Faces Multiple Sexual Abuse Charges

A Sacramento County school teacher has been placed under arrest for reportedly engaging in lewd and lascivious acts with students. The 53-year-old teacher allegedly engaged in these acts for several years and turned himself in to authorities on December 17. The teacher is a resident in the county and employed at Bowling Green Chacon Language and Science Academy. 

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filed by Boyscouts of America After Sexual Abuse Claims

Cases of sexual abuse have been a problem with the Boy Scouts of America since back in the 1940s. There is a deadline in November for claims of sexual abuse against Scoutmasters and others by former Scouts. Sexual abuse can cause long-term emotional and psychological damage as well as physical injuries. 

Sexual Abuse at Community Facilities

Community facilities are excellent places to get involved with others in your local area. They are also great places to learn something new, enjoy outings, work out, create art, work on a project, and more. Unfortunately, one problem with these types of facilities is that they sometimes put people at risk for the bad and dangerous behavior of others — including sexual assault. Studies show that up to 40 percent of females and 16.5 percent of males will experience some form of sexual assault when they are adolescents or children. Community facilities are locations where many of these assaults occur.

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