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I’m Ed Smith, a Merced CA Personal Injury Lawyer. Merced, California is an awesome place to visit and live. It is prized forits beautiful weather; the temperature tends to stay around 60 degrees in the winter, and while there are plenty of hot days in the summer, the humidity is low, so the heat is not as stifling as is it in more humid places like the East Coast and the Southern states east of the Mississippi River. Merced, California is also one of the most affordable cities in California in terms of housing prices. Another advantage of Merced, California, is its location, right between northern and southern California, not too far from the coast but also not too far from California’s inland beauty. Here are some fun things to do in Merced, California, on your next visit or, if you live in Merced, these are some activities to ward off summer boredom.

Visit the Applegate Park Zoo

The Applegate Park Zoo is no ordinary zoo. Here, you will not find lions, hippos, Komodo dragons, and polar bears that are way out of their element. Instead, the Applegate Park Zoo is a safe home for animals native to California. The residents of the Applegate Park Zoo came to the zoo from wildlife rescue centers and, for various reasons, such as injury or having been raised by humans since birth, cannot survive in the wild. Some afternoons, the zoo holds live animal presentations, where visitors can get up close and personal with California wildlife.