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Hot Air Balloon Emergency Landing in Winters

A hot air balloon emergency landing occurred in Winters on July 19. Two balloons were on course to land when the wind interfered with their designated landing trajectory. Instead of setting down in an open field as intended, the balloons were forced to land on the right shoulder of Interstate 505, near Highway 128. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), no one was injured in the accident. Learn more about the potential for balloon accidents and associated fatalities as we take a look at the safety of ballooning. 

Riding in a hot air balloon can be an exhilarating and once in a lifetime experience.  But despite its tranquility and sight seeing potential, there are risks and dangers.

Since 1964, the National Transportation Safety Board has investigated 775 hot air balloon incidents in the United States, 70 involving fatalities. Sixteen people died while hot air ballooning from 2002 to 2012.  While experts stress the safety of flying, some of the most deadliest hot air ballooning accidents have occurred in recent years.

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