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Fractured Skull Can Cause Speech Difficulties

The skull plays a vital role, protecting the brain from trauma and the hazards of the outside world. Like other bones, the skull is prone to be injured in a traumatic accident. Unfortunately, if someone suffers a fractured skull, he or she can suffer serious complications. Some of these include post-concussive syndrome, serious infections, and even a traumatic brain injury. This injury can lead to speech difficulties. If someone has trouble speaking, this can lead to serious quality of life issues. Because of this, it is essential for everyone to understand how these speech difficulties happen.

Intracranial Bleeding from a Fractured Skull

The skull is responsible for several crucial functions such as providing structure to the face and protecting the brain. A blunt or penetrating impact to the head can lead to a fractured skull, which is a severe injury. Depending on the type of skull fracture, there are a number of serious complications that might develop. Among these are traumatic brain injuries, which may include intracranial bleeding. If someone develops intracranial bleeding following a skull fracture, this can lead to serious consequences and long-term damage. In some cases, bleeding within the skull cavity might even end up being fatal.

Types of Cognitive Disabilities After a Skull Fracture

A skull fracture is one of the most severe head injuries that someone might suffer. Whether it is a slip and fall accident or a motor vehicle collision, skull fractures can occur at any time. In some cases, a fractured skull might heal on its own; however, in other situations, a skull injury can lead to long-term complications. Some skull fractures may lead to neurological complications through brain bleeds, cerebral swelling, and direct tissue damage. It is essential to understand just how cognitive deficits might develop following a fractured skull. Depending on the lobe of the brain that has been harmed, the neurological deficits can manifest in different ways.

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