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Deadly Boat Accident Near Angel Island 

A deadly boat collision involving two pleasure craft was reported near Angel Island on the San Francisco Bay on June 30. The accident was reported by a spokesperson for the U.S. Coast Guard when a 25-foot Center Console motor boat and sailboat crashed together, causing the pleasure craft to start spinning from the impact. The report of the collision was received by the Coast Guard around 2:09 p.m. 

Resources to Keep Boaters Safe this Summer

Most accidents can be prevented by boaters learning safe techniques and simply using common sense. In 2018, 4,145 recreational boating accidents were counted by the U.S. Coast Guard. Of those accidents, there were 633 reported deaths and 2,511 injuries. The total amount of property damage was approximately $46,000,000. Like how traffic collision reports are made for automobile accidents, boating accident reports are made for vessels on the water.

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