Carotid Artery Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

 Carotid Artery Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Carotid Artery Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Sacramento. The body supplies oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body via a complex network of blood vessels. If these blood vessels are injured, the tear could be life-threatening. Motorcycle accidents could lead to extensive tears of these blood vessels. One of the most dangerous is the carotid artery.

Motorcycle Accidents: A Case Report

A case report was recently published describing a young man involved in a motorcycle accident. This individual was riding down the road at relatively high speeds. An object enters his path in the road and he had to lay down his bike to avoid a serious collision. Unfortunately, he was not wearing a helmet, placing him at risk of a traumatic brain injury. He slid across the road and the skin of his neck was dragged on the pavement, leading to a serious laceration of his carotid artery. Due to the nature of the accident, emergency personnel was called to the scene. He was bleeding heavily and required a blood transfusion on his way to the hospital.

Repair of a Torn Carotid Artery

The carotid artery is a high-pressure vessel. This high pressure is necessary to perfuse the brain. Unfortunately, this high pressure also means that bleeding can happen quickly. If someone has torn their carotid artery, this requires a medical emergency because it can deprive the brain of important oxygen and nutrients. After confirmation of the bleeding, the individual will be taken to the operating room for an emergent repair. Pressure must be applied to slow the bleeding and preserve consciousness. A highly trained vascular surgeon will need to place stitches in the vessel to stop the bleeding. Prior to the end of the procedure, the surgeon will ensure that the repair does not leak. Once the tear has been completely repaired, the patient can be sent to recovery.

A Review of Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most comprehensive reports in the United States is called the Hurt Report. This report investigated numerous details of motorcycle accidents. According to the report:

Single-Vehicle: Out of all of the motorcycle accidents, 75 percent involved more than one vehicle. The remaining accidents involved one vehicle only.

Rider Error: In single-vehicle motorcycle accidents, rider error was the cause in about two-thirds of accidents. This involves excessive speed or excessive braking leading to the motorcycle sliding out from under the rider.

Alcohol: Drunk driving is just as big of an issue with motorcycles as it is with cars. Half of the motorcycle accidents involved alcohol in some way.

Injuries: Based on the report, the severity of the injuries increased with the speed of the motorcycle. The rate of death increases with speed as well.

Weather: Weather only played a role in 2 percent of the accidents in the report. This means that human error, not circumstances, is more important.

Help with Motorcycle Accidents

Clearly, these accidents have the potential to be serious. Motorcycles do not provide the same protection that the metal frame of a car does. Someone could suffer more than one serious injury which places them in the hospital for a long time. How is a family going to manage with a loved one in the hospital? Families could lose income with a loved one out of work. Families who need help should not be afraid to ask for it. Those with questions or concerns should contact a motorcycle lawyer in Sacramento to learn about their legal options. An experienced attorney can help to guide a family through this process, setting them up for a successful recovery in the future.

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