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January 23, 2023
Edward Smith

Fleeing Driver Strikes Pedestrian Along Marconi Avenue 

A hit-and-run driver in Carmichael fled the scene on January 17 after striking and injuring a pedestrian. The accident happened along Marconi Avenue between Fair Oaks Boulevard and Zachman Way around 7:02 p.m. According to the incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the vehicle, a Toyota Scion, struck a tent where someone was inside. 

Hit-and-Run Driver Flees Scene of Pedestrian Injury Accident

The driver then exited the car, fleeing on foot southbound on Zachman. A tow truck was sent to recover the vehicle. No information was provided on the condition of the pedestrian or whether they were taken to a hospital for additional evaluation and care.

We at are here for you if you have been injured in a pedestrian accident. An accident injury caused by someone else should not put anyone at financial risk. You can ask us questions about your case, and learn about your options for recovering compensation from us at no cost. 

Looking for Hit-and-Run Drivers

An accident attorney can help locate a hit-and-run driver responsible for your injuries when you are injured by one. Being injured is hard enough without having to deal with high medical bills, being unable to work and experiencing pain and suffering. If your injuries were caused by a driver’s negligence, that at-fault person should be held accountable. A number of hit-and-run drivers have been successfully located by our law firm over the years. We investigate by:

  • To collect evidence before it is covered over or disappears, our investigators are dispatched as soon as possible to the site of the fleeing driver.
  • Information can also be obtained from witnesses. There is a possibility that a witness saw the accident happen and remembers part of the license plate number. The witness may also be able to identify the vehicle and even the motorist behind the wheel in some cases because hit-and-run drivers often live nearby.
  • Since one of the traffic surveillance cameras may have recorded the accident as it happened, they are a good source of information. To help identify the hit-and-run driver, this film can be subpoenaed. 
  • At the accident site, paint marks and metal are frequently left behind in the surrounding area. A vehicle’s make and model can be determined using this information.
  • In collisions involving hit-and-run drivers, accident reconstruction is performed to determine what happened. Insurers and civil courts accept evidence of this type. 

A strong case supporting a client’s claim for compensation is constructed by our injury lawyers using the evidence that has been compiled.

You Can Recover Compensation Through Your Insurance Coverage

The injured party may use their uninsured/underinsured policy on their auto insurance to cover the cost of medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident if the other party is unable to pay for the damage. As a driver, a passenger, a bicyclist or a pedestrian, you can use this add-on insurance. If you did not elect to purchase this coverage, you can use the insurance of an immediate family member who did. There is no change to the policy rates.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Carmichael

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