Injuries Reported in Car Accident on Central Avenue Near Modesto

Car Crash on Central Avenue Near Modesto

A car crash on Central Avenue near the Modesto area prompted the response of officers with the California Highway Patrol on the morning of Saturday, May 14, 2022. The incident took place around 11:10 a.m. near East Monte Vista Road and was said to have involved three vehicles, according to CHP traffic officers.

Details on the Car Crash on Central Avenue Near Modesto

The incident was said to have involved a pickup truck, a small sedan, and a third unspecified vehicle. First responders were requested at the scene of the crash to provide assistance to a total of two patients. Details on what caused the three-car accident and the severity of injuries from the collision have not yet been released by officials.

What You Should Know After Getting into a Car Accident

A traffic collision is often caused by a wide array of factors, mostly attributed to the negligence of other drivers. Some of the common examples of negligence that may contribute to a crash may include reckless driving, failure to yield the right of way, drunk driving, speeding, texting while driving, and more. When there is clear and compelling evidence demonstrating liability on the part of the other side, a personal injury claim may be brought against them and their insurer. The purpose of this type of case is to seek financial compensation in the form of economic and non-economic damages. These are intended to compensate an injured party for the intangible harm and financial hardship they have experienced because of the car wreck. This may include past and future costs of treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. Remember that these cases are subject to a two-year statute of limitations in most situations, so there is a limited amount of time to take action.

What is most unfortunate about getting injured in a motor vehicle collision caused by another party is that insurers will work quickly to settle claims for pennies on the dollar. Given that most people do not have experience in negotiating with insurance carriers, this may allow them to fall for the various defense tactics that insurers may utilize to get out of paying fair compensation. This may include providing a recorded statement where the insurance company will use the injured party’s words against them later in the claims process and agreeing to a quick settlement offer without realizing the true extent of damages incurred. Remember in the latter situation that once a settlement is accepted, there is no way of seeking additional compensation from that point forward, regardless of the need for damages related to costs of future medical care, future wage loss, and more.

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Car Accident Lawyer in Modesto

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