Car Crash Concussion

Car Crash Concussion


Car Crash Concussion

I’m Ed Smith, a North Highlands brain injury lawyer. We have heard much about post concussion syndrome in the news with sports leagues like the NFL and NHL but they are quite common in California car crashes as well. Unfortunately, they are nothing like broken bones or even torn ligaments. The brain is a complex organ and so recovery can vary greatly from individual to individual. Still, there are some general guidelines for Grades I, II and III car crash concussion symptoms and how long they can last.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from a Car Crash Concussion?

Thankfully, there are some general rules. For mild concussions, classified as Grade I, they can resolve in a week or two. The most traumatic concussions can take months and some of the effects can last for years beyond that. Of course, other car crash concussions slide somewhere in between.

One problem with trying to figure out how severe a concussion will be is that the identification itself can be difficult. For example, feeling light-headed, dizzy and nauseous would be common enough symptoms after getting into any kind of car crash. That’s also true with seeing lights or getting a headache.

In fact, while first responders are clearly aware that traumatic brain injury as a result of car crash concussion-like symptoms are common, the actual identification requires more medical expertise. Most people who are diagnosed with concussions do so as a result of a head specialist and the results of an MRI test. By that time, if someone is engaging in strenuous activity, exposed to bright lights or simply does not take the time to rest, the symptoms can worsen and the severity of the concussion increase.

NFL Concussion Protocol Highlights Difficulties and Needs

The NFL is a useful organization to follow in terms of concussions both because the league generates billions of dollars in revenue it can bring to the fore of traumatic brain injury research and prevention but also because it has already faced significant litigation resulting in a $765 million settlement.

And yet, even the NFL face questions. Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton received hits in a game against the Denver Broncos that many in the media said left him looking dazed. If they can potentially struggle with concussion identification and diagnosis, people without those resources affected by a car crash concussion face more difficulties in terms of treatment.

Long-Term Consequences and Costs of Concussions

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is just one celebrity who has lost out on months of work due to a concussion, missing nearly half of the NASCAR season as he seeks to regain the ability to drive a race car at speeds upwards of 200 MPH. Yet at the very start, and with a relatively minor car crash concussion, he even struggled with basic tasks like going out in public, a fact he documented on social media.

People may never be able to work again or it can take months to regain the ability to do their old job, just like those famous athletes. Without the assistance of a car crash concussion attorney in California, people run the risk of losing their homes or being unable to pay the bills if they are unable to work or need significant medical treatment and therapy following a car accident.

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