Car Color Linked to Accidents

Car Color Linked to Accidents

Car Color Linked to Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto car accident lawyer. Statistics show that the color of your vehicle may affect the number of accidents you have. While safe driving techniques are essential, color may be an added factor in avoiding accidents. Let’s take a look at why a car crash may happen.

Car Color and Safety: Fact or Fiction

No large-scale studies have been done in the United States. Anecdotal testimony from car owners is mixed. Some drivers report that silver cars are most likely to be hit in daylight hours, particularly on cloudy days. This is supported by the fact that silver or grey cars blend in with the environment. In addition, silver vehicles tend to be almost invisible in direct sunlight. Black and red vehicles are difficult to see at night. Red is visualized as black in the dark. Yellow has long been associated with safety since it is readily seen both during the day and at night. White is also visible at night but not always visible during the day depending on the weather.

Monash University Study.

White cars were shown to be one of the safest colors, according to a large Australian study in the late 90’s. Monash University researchers strove to determine which color was the safest. The study looked at a comparison between crash risk and color. Results showed a reproducible correlation between the two. The study showed that vehicles in silver, black, red, green and blue had a greater propensity for accidents. Under daytime visibility, black had a 47 percent higher risk than white. Grey was 25 percent higher and silver 15 percent greater than white.  White was consistently the color associated with lower crash risk.

Variables That Affect Driver Safety

Many variables affect driver safety. For instance, driving at night is more dangerous than daylight driving according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Apart from diminished visibility, other factors exist. Drunk driving and fatigued driving are both higher at night. Fifty-four percent of alcohol-related fatal crashes happen at night. This compares with only 18 percent during the day. About 66 percent of drivers in crashes at night are not wearing a seat restraints. In addition, fatality rates are three times higher at night. Alternately, the least number of fatalities happen in the early morning between four and five.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a constant problem for motorists. Multitasking has no place when driving, yet many do it. Texting and talking on the phone are two prime reasons drivers are distracted. Other activities such as eating, putting on makeup, changing the radio or looking at GPS all have the same effect. The result of driving distracted in 2015 was that 3,477 people died and about 391,000 individuals were injured. Among all age groups, teens had the highest rate of fatalities. In California, talking on a hand-held cell phone or texting is banned.

Drowsy Driving

Falling asleep at the wheel results in catastrophic accidents. However, driving while drowsy has consequences of its own.

  • Drowsy driving makes it harder for drivers to concentrate on the road.
  • Driving while drowsy slows down and disrupts a driver’s decision making process.
  • Drowsy driving significantly affects reaction time.

Likelihood of Drowsy Driving

Some professions and groups are more inclined to drive while drowsy.

Individuals with young families may not be able to sleep properly at night. Likewise, students who spend the night cramming may not be wide awake when driving. According to studies, the rhythm of the vehicle induces sleepiness.

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