Improper Maintenance Can Lead to Car Accidents

Improper Maintenance Can Lead to Car Accidents

Improper maintenance can lead to car accidents, therefore it’s essential to regularly maintain your vehicle. Owning a car comes with significant responsibilities. Some of the crucial components of car maintenance include:

  • Rotating the tires every few thousand miles to ensure that the treads wear evenly
  • Changing the oil on time to ensure that the engine works properly
  • Having the brakes inspected to ensure that new brake pads are not needed
  • Ensuring that the car is aligned correctly

If the car’s maintenance is not performed on time, it might not respond as quickly to changing road conditions. This can lead to a severe car accident that might include traumatic injuries or even death.

Car Accidents Can Result From Worn-Out Tire Treads

One of the purposes of tire rotation is to ensure that the treads on the tires wear evenly. These treads have essential functions including:

  • The treads are the grooves of the tires, and these wear down over time
  • As the treads wear down, they do not filter water as well
  • Treads also do not grip the road as well as they wear down

In most vehicles, the treads on the front of the car wear faster than those on the back. If these treads do not wear evenly, cars have an increased risk of hydroplaning and typically have an increased stopping distance.

Brake Failure Can Lead to a Car Accident

A car’s brakes should be inspected routinely. Some of the problems that might arise with the brakes include:

  • If the brakes are uneven, the steering column might rattle
  • Increased stopping distance could develop with worn out brake pads
  • If the brakes fail entirely, there could be an issue with the brake master cylinder

All of these are signs that the brakes need to be inspected immediately. Brake failure can lead to a serious car accident.

Improper Vehicle Alignment

At most inspections, the vehicle alignment is going to be inspected. If the car is not aligned correctly, it will drift to one side or the other unless the steering wheel is perfectly centered. Over time, vehicles will drift out of alignment but running into curbs, and parking spot barriers can knock a car out of alignment more quickly. This will lead to a vehicle that is difficult to balance and keep straight while in motion. If the vehicle drifts while in use, it could increase the risk of an auto accident, placing others at risk.

Watch YouTube Video: Car Maintenance: 10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know – The Short List.  The video below provides ten basic things drivers should know to keep their car maintained, including checking oil, changing a tire, and replacing the air filter.

Contacting an Auto Accident Attorney

If a family is involved in a severe car accident, they deserve to have all of the details examined by an experienced car accident lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the benefits of meeting with an accident attorney include:

  • Having an objective professional who can help families make difficult decisions
  • Guidance in pursuing damages tied to the accident, its injuries, and any complications
  • Help in shifting a case to trial when required

No family should have to face this situation alone. Reach out to a Sacramento car accident lawyer to learn more about how a caring legal professional can help your family. You and your family could be deserving of a financial reward.

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