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November 08, 2022
Edward Smith

Car Accident on Main Street Near Modesto

On the morning of Monday, November 7, 2022, officials reported a car accident on West Main Street and North Mitchell Road near the Modesto area. The incident occurred around 7:05 a.m. and involved two vehicles described as a gray Honda Civic and a tan Ford F-150 truck, CHP reported.

Information on the Car Accident on Main Street Near Modesto

A preliminary report revealed that a Ford F-150 was involved in a collision with a Honda Civic near the intersection. A unit from American Medical Response was requested at the wreck site. One party exited one of the involved vehicles and was visibly limping, according to CHP traffic officers. Additional information on the incident was not immediately available.

Reasons Why You Should Retain Legal Counsel for a Car Accident

There is a wide array of reasons to retain legal counsel, including:

  • Insurance Companies: Insurers are for-profit businesses. Insurance carriers are concerned with maximizing profit margins, and claims adjusters often accomplish that goal by disputing or denying claims. Unlike the insurance company, your Modesto personal injury attorney will protect your rights and interests at every step in the claims process.
  • Accident-Related Injuries: Seeking medical treatment for injuries from a traffic collision is essential. It is crucial to get checked out right away, even if you believe your injuries are minor. The unfortunate reality is that some serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, may not present themselves right away. Failure to seek immediate medical care may lead to the insurer questioning a claim and disputing reported injuries. That is why it is a good idea to get treated immediately and have a personal injury lawyer on your side to obtain the financial recovery you deserve.
  • Statute of Limitations: In California, injured parties have up to two years to file an injury case in civil court for a motor vehicle crash. The deadline may be shortened based on the facts of the case, such as the involvement of a government entity. For instance, the time limit may be six months for a notice of claim. These claims must be filed with the appropriate government agency. Refer to the California Government Code Section 911.2 for more details.
  • Evidence: A strong personal injury case requires clear and compelling evidence demonstrating negligence and damages incurred. However, physical evidence at the crash site, eyewitnesses’ memories of the incident, and other crucial proof of how the crash occurred may be lost or destroyed over time. Holding the other side liable requires evidence to support a bodily injury claim. A skilled personal injury attorney will know how to conduct an independent investigation into the collision to build a strong claim for maximum compensation on your behalf.
  • Settlement Offer: When the insurance company reaches out to you to make a settlement offer, remember that it will be far less than what you need to cover your losses. That is why it is recommended to retain legal counsel who can handle communications and negotiations with the insurer on your behalf.

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