Car Accident On Antelope Road

Citrus Heights Man Kneeling on Antelope Road Killed in Crash

Citrus Heights Man Kneeling on Antelope Road Killed in Crash

Citrus Heights Man Kneeling on Antelope Road Killed in Crash. A Citrus Heights pedestrian died after being hit by a motor vehicle on August 9 along Antelope Road. According to the Citrus Heights Police Department, Antelope Road had to be closed in both directions from Mariposa to Sunrise Blvd to through traffic for four to five hours in order to conduct an investigation into the cause of the accident. Local drivers were asked to take alternative routes during the closure. I’d like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of the decedent in this time of profound grief.

Accident Details

The accident happened near the 7000 block of Antelope Road about 9:30 in the evening when a pickup truck hit the man, who was reportedly kneeling in the number one lane of Antelope near Sunrise Boulevard.  Despite intervention by paramedics, the man, identified as Victor Darian Lawless, 22, died at the scene. Authorities said that the driver was not inebriated and remained at the crash site. The pickup was not speeding. Antelope Road has been the scene of pedestrian accidents before, with a walker being injured back in March, along with the driver of the vehicle.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Citrus Heights

The Office of Traffic Safety has tabulated data concerning pedestrian accidents in Citrus Heights. In 2015, the last year for which comprehensive data is available, 30 pedestrians were injured or killed. This places the city midway between the ranking of 105 cities of similar size. Of these, two were under the age of 15 and six were over 65 years old.

California Pedestrian Accident Stats

According to a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, pedestrian accidents resulting in fatalities increased by 9 percent in 2016. The 5,987 deaths represented 19 percent of all fatalities from motor vehicle collisions. Although the death rate for pedestrians fell in California due to education, added bike lanes and other safety measures, it is still a serious problem.

Common Driver Errors Leading to Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers are expected to be on the outlook for pedestrians and make all efforts to give them the right of way. However, many times this obligation falls short. Some common reasons for pedestrian accidents include:

  • A driver fails to take appropriate actions at a crosswalk.
  • Failing to yield to pedestrians navigating a crosswalk is another cause of walker injuries and deaths.
  • Drivers who disregard traffic signals are often at fault for a pedestrian accident.
  • Drunk driving is frequently related to pedestrian accidents.
  • Passing another vehicle when approaching a crosswalk can cause pedestrian injuries. This happens because a driver will be unaware of a person walking in the crosswalk when they attempt to pass. It also is the reason children are injured or killed when they disembark a school bus.
  • Reckless driving is the root cause of many pedestrian accidents. Such drivers seem unaware of someone walking across the street.
  • Speeding gives a driver little time to stop when a pedestrian crosses the roadway. It is also responsible for more significant injuries to a pedestrian. A pedestrian hit at 22 mph by a vehicle will suffer minor trauma compared to one hit by a car traveling at 25 mph where the injuries will be considerably more serious. Speeds over 30 mph have a greater risk of inflicting fatal injuries.

Age and Pedestrian Injuries

Individuals at both ends of the age spectrum suffer pedestrian injuries more frequently. For instance, those over 65 account for 13 percent of all injuries and 19 percent of all pedestrian deaths. This may be due in large part to the person’s slower pace. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that 20 percent of all children who died due to a motor vehicle accident were pedestrians.

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