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March 12, 2012
Edward Smith

can a car accident cause diabetesOften times attorneys have occasions to represent people in car accidents that suffered from a pre-existing diabetic condition.

Here is an example of such a case that involved this office. A man with a pre-existing diabetic condition was involved in an accident and injured his back. Thereafter, he developed a limp when he walked and a blister on his foot which was noted in his physical therapy records. The blister became infected to such a degree that later his foot was amputated.

The insurance carrier argued forcefully that he had merely injured his back but a medical expert convinced the arbitrator that the amputation was actually caused by the aggravation of his pre-existing diabetes allowing recovery of the policy limits for the client.

A study involving aggravation of diabetes injuries was published in the Archives of Surgery. The study showed that hospitalized patients with diabetes were twice as likely as non-diabetic patients to have complications from their injuries.

Diabetics are also likely to require more ICU care, longer ICU stays and develop nearly twice as many infections.

Patients with diabetes were less likely to be discharged to their home after trauma and were more likely to require in-home care after their discharge. (Archives of Surgery, July 2007.)

It is believed that complications of diabetes after trauma result from alterations in the immune system.

Diabetes patients in car accidents should be carefully monitored by their internist for any developing complications.

They should also make sure that the attorney they hire is familiar with the medical research and case law that allows them fair recovery for aggravations of this medical condition.