California T-Bone Accident Injury Case Reaches $2 Million Settlement

Settlement Reached in T-Bone Accident in Carson, California

An out-of-court settlement of $2 million in a T-bone accident was recently awarded in a case involving two trucks. The truck driver who filed the claim was injured in the T-bone accident when his vehicle was side slammed by another truck in Carson, California. As a result of the broadside accident, the plaintiff suffered herniated cervical discs that required surgical repair.

Details of the T-Bone Accident

The plaintiff was in Carson when another truck driver who was actively working for a trucking company struck his vehicle broadside. The individual who brought the lawsuit had suffered a previous injury causing a herniated disc in the same area, which the accident exacerbated. Following the collision, he received treatment at a hospital and was released. During the following months, the 67-year-old truck driver was treated with steroid injections and physical therapy. However, he eventually required cervical fusion on two levels to correct the problem. Following the surgery, he returned to work, having obtained significant relief from the pain.

Case Settled Before Trial

An argument was made by the lawyers for the defendants in the T-bone accident case that the injuries suffered by the plaintiff were not entirely due to the T-bone accident but were from a preexisting problem and caused by a degenerative condition. Lawyers for the defendants also pointed out that the plaintiff had received an injection of steroids in the same location as his injury about one month before the T-bone accident occurred. Both sides agreed to settle the case for $2 million before it was scheduled to go to trial.

Cervical Disc Injuries

The cervical discs are the seven vertebrae at the top of the spinal column, which is the area that controls the nerves to the upper body, hands and arms. The discs are located between the vertebrae and are filled with a jelly-like substance that provides cushioning. When one of those discs herniates and ruptures, it can result in swelling and inflammation of the nerves, which can be debilitating and prevent the injured party from being able to work. Symptoms of a herniated disc can vary depending on the location but can include:

  • Pain in the neck, shoulder blade or radiating down the arms
  • Muscle spasms
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Weakness such as in the handgrip, biceps or triceps

Obtaining Compensation After an Accident

Following a T-bone accident, while some herniated discs may respond to non-surgical treatments such as steroids, others may require surgery. This leads to more time off work, high medical bills, and additional pain and suffering. Consulting with an injury lawyer about the possibility of filing a compensation claim to recover those losses may be beneficial. 

At-Fault Parties Often Try to Counter a Claim for Compensation

Because insurance companies and the at-fault party/parties will do anything they can to try and deny or lower your compensation, being represented by an attorney who is practiced in fighting against their defense just makes good sense. This is especially true in cases where the disability is expected to continue into the future because medical expenses and the inability to work may last for an undetermined amount of time. Your injury lawyers can factor those costs into your claim so that you can obtain the compensation you deserve. 

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