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California Plane Crash Kills Five

California Plane Crash Kills Five

A California plane crash killed five people on Super Bowl Sunday when a twin-engine plane crashed into a home in Yorba Linda, California, causing it to catch fire. The pilot was alone in the airplane. The other four individuals who died were in the Anaheim area home. Two other local residents were hospitalized with what has been described as burns. According to a representative of the sheriff’s office in Orange County, who identified the plane as a Cessna, it crashed after it took off from an airport in Fullerton. 

Investigation of the California Plane Crash

An investigator from the National Transportation Safety Board said the plane climbed to 7,800 feet before it began its descent. Witnesses said the plane seemed to blow up and break apart before it hit the ground. Debris from the aircraft was found scattered over four blocks. The plane’s cabin and its engine were found in another resident’s backyard. Distress calls were not received from the plane’s operator prior to the crash, according to the NTSB. An investigation report of the California plane crash is pending as parts of the wreckage are being retrieved by investigators. The NTSB expects to have more information within two weeks.

Identification of Those Who Died

At the time of this report, the Orange County Coroner said the bodies of those killed in the California plane crash were still in the process of being positively identified. An announcement of who died in the crash and house fire will not be made until the families can be notified. However, the people who were in the home were said to be two women and two men. I’d like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. 

Witness Accounts of the California Plane Crash

People in the area said they could see the crash three miles away on the 91 freeway as it caught fire in the sky. Because of the Super Bowl, some thought the ball of flames might have been related. One witness reported that the plane made a rapid descent and continued straight down without trying to break out of its vertical spiral. Nearby residents said they heard a loud whining noise as if a vehicle were attempting to stop to avert a high-speed crash. Others said it sounded as if a bomb exploded near their homes.

Reasons for a Small California Plane Crash

The NTSB reports that 97 percent of all aviation fatalities are with private aircraft. On average, there are five crashes each day nationwide, resulting in about 500 deaths each year. Here are some of the reasons a small California plane crash occurs:

  • Inadequate training: Lack of adequate training is one of the NTSB’s chief concerns. Pilots must have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time training before they can receive a license. Twenty hours of this must involve dual training where an instructor is along for the ride.
  • Spatial disorientation: Spatial disorientation is another problem for pilots. This has to do with the need for visual confirmation. When a pilot is robbed of visual confirmation for one reason or another, disorientation can occur. For example, when a pilot makes a banking left turn, the inner ear will detect it. However, if the path does not change, the ear will compensate and fool the pilot into thinking that the plane has returned to level flight.
  • Hypoxia: Hypoxia might be a problem if the plane goes above 12,000 feet.
  • Inadequate preflight planning: This essential step is needed to ensure flight safety. Left undone, this can contribute to a fatal plane crash.
  • Inclement weather: Checking the weather is an important part of pre-flight planning just as it is for motor vehicle operators. Taking off when the weather is bad can lead to a California plane crash.
  • Turbulence: Knowing how to handle the sudden onset of turbulence is an important part of a pilot’s training. Non-convective turbulence can occur at any time, including in clear weather.

Defective Airplane Parts and Pilot Error

Equipment failure is a major cause of aviation accidents as is pilot error. The design of an aircraft is critically important, and even a small design flaw can cause lives to be lost. Checking for design mistakes is time-consuming. Yet, if a loved one was killed or injured due to a defect, this challenge is invaluable. An experienced attorney can file a lawsuit for design defects, pilot error or improper maintenance of an aircraft if such negligence is found to cause a California plane crash.

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