California Highway 99 Flooding Strands Dozens

State of Emergency Issued as a Result of Area Flooding

Massive flooding has recently been causing problems in Sacramento County, including the rescue of dozens of people by emergency responders with the Cosumnes Fire District as a dangerous weather system moves through the area. Numerous vehicles became stuck in rising floodwaters along Highway 99, keeping fire crews busy with search and rescue missions. 

Missing Person Believed to Have Been Located in Flooded Area

Authorities were also actively searching for a missing person. A submerged vehicle with a deceased person inside was found along Dillard Road around 10:30 a.m., and is believed to be the missing motorist. The highway was closed down at Dillard Road near Elk Grove following a breach of the levee by the river.

Power Outages Add to the Flooding Problems

All of the lanes going northbound on the highway from Acampo Road were also temporarily closed down due to deep water on the roadway and an alert issued for the Lodi area. More than 140,000 homes were left without power in the county as a result of the weather problems. A state of emergency was issued for Sacramento County to enable them to respond more quickly. 

Increased Risk of Auto Accidents

When dangerous weather conditions exist, it can lead to power outages, flooding and road closures, all of which can increase the risk of a car accident. Keeping safe during times of flooding is important, and the following safety tips might help:

  • According to the National Weather Service, nearly half of all fatalities during flash floods are related to motor vehicles. If you approach a roadway covered with water, do not proceed but turn around. Just six inches of water on the roadway can make your vehicle stall out. Most cars, SUVs and trucks will begin to float in two feet of water.
  • Know where nearby dams, streams and rivers are located.
  • Do not go camping or hiking if there is a prediction for a thunderstorm.
  • If rain is heavy, avoid basements, underground parking and underpasses.
  • Don’t walk in water that comes over your ankles. You can lose your footing.
  • Develop an emergency evacuation plan for family members.
  • If water rises in your area, turn off your utilities, including the electricity.
  • Stay off bridges if water is moving swiftly underneath.

When You Need Free Legal Advice After a Car Accident Injury

Negligent drivers can become a real problem when flooding and other adverse conditions make it difficult to stay safe. If a negligent driver caused your injuries in a traffic accident, we may be able to help. By conducting an investigation, which is performed by all injury lawyers, we can determine fault in your collision and gather the evidence to support your compensation claim. The lawyer can then negotiate for you with the at-fault party’s insurance company or take the case to court if needed.

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