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December 07, 2016
Edward Smith

C-Section After Car Crash

Pregnant Woman Undergo Emergency Delivery After Car Crash

In Vallejo, on the morning of Wednesday, November 30, 2016, a child was born in an emergency Cesarean Section after its mother had been involved in a car crash. The mother of the infant was seven months pregnant at the time of the emergency delivery, and, although the baby was delivered prematurely and under extreme circumstances, the child is expected to survive.

Involved Parties and Crash Details

According to Vallejo Police Department lieutenant Michael Nichelini, the mother of the infant, a 31-year-old resident of Vallejo by the name of Amber Grimi, had been driving in a 2000 Ford F-150 truck after dropping her husband off at work when she collided with a 1996 Ford Explorer. The driver of the Explorer was a 52-year-old man and a resident of Vallejo as well.

The accident occurred near the intersection of Mare Island Way and Kentucky Street at about 6:30 a.m. The Ford Explorer had been driving southbound on Mare Island Way when it suddenly crossed over the center median and rolled over, landing on top of and totaling the Ford F-150. Officials have reported that they are unsure of what caused the driver of the Explorer to cross over the median. Nichelini said that police believe there to be no gross negligence on the part of either driver, although they think that the driver of the Explorer is probably at fault. Nechilini also mentioned that police are investigating whether or not speed or distracted driving were significant factors in the crash.

Conducting an Independent Investigation

It is important to contact an experienced accident attorney if you are involved in an injury accident. Many times traffic collision reports can contain errors as to the cause of an accident. It is important to speak with an accident attorney who has the time and resources to perform a proper accident investigation. Sadly, due to budget cuts and other reasons, police reports are sometimes not taken and/or not given the time to be performed thoroughly.

Injuries and Risks Involved in the Incident

As a result of the incident, both drivers sustained major injuries. The mother was reported to have sustained femur fractures in two places, a broken wrist, and head injuries. Although none of her injuries are life-threatening, she is expected to be hospitalized for two weeks. The infant, named Jameson, is expected to have to remain in the hospital for a minimum of ten weeks and may experience life-long health issues due to both premature birth and the traumatic nature of the collision.

Unique Risks to Pregnant Women

Pregnant mothers involved in car accidents face a multitude of unique risks, the most dangerous of which include miscarriage, pre-term labor, internal bleeding, birth defects, hemorrhaging, and added complications to birth that can affect both the unborn child and mother before, during, or after the child has been delivered. Additionally, the effects of a car crash on a pregnant woman may take a more subtle, but still serious, form; mental anguish and emotional stress can be caused by trauma undergone in an accident or in a complicated birth resulting from a car accident. This type of emotional trauma can be extremely upsetting to a new mom and warrants legal representation for all injured parties.

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