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Butte County Traffic Fatality Occurs When Driver Crosses the Center Line

Fatal Accident on Highway 99 Is the Second in Three Days

A traffic fatality and several serious injuries occurred along Butte County’s Highway 99 on January 23 near Gridley when a driver crossed over into an opposing lane, colliding with a semi. The accident was reported by the Oroville office of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as occurring at about 6:45 a.m., close to Evans Reimer Road. A passenger riding inside the vehicle that crossed into opposing traffic died in the collision, while the driver and an additional passenger experienced major injuries.

How the Traffic Fatality Accident Occurred

According to the report on how the traffic fatality occurred, the Yuba City driver of a Nissan Sentra, age 23, was traveling along Highway 99 southbound when the car suddenly veered over into the northbound lane. A semi in its path that was traveling north tried to avoid hitting the car but could not do so, and they crashed head-on. The passenger in the Nissan who died in the collision was 23. The driver of the semi was unharmed in the accident. 

Oroville Area CHP Seeking Information About the Crash

The names of the person who died and those who were injured in the crash has not yet been released. The accident investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about the traffic fatality accident is being asked to call the Oroville area CHP office at (530) 538-2700.

This Fatal Accident Follows Recent Death of Elk Grove Policeman

This was the second fatal head-on collision in the area during a three-day period. The earlier collision cost the life of an Elk Grove motorcycle policeman who died after being struck by a wrong-way driver suspected of being intoxicated. 

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim Following an Accident Fatality

Losing a loved one in an accident is a shocking experience for a family and leaves them not only grief-stricken and confused but looking for answers. When it is discovered that a negligent driver was the cause, they want justice. By filing a wrongful death lawsuit, the family can get those answers, obtain justice and a sense of closure for the loss of their loved one. In addition, they can avoid the financial repercussions of that loss. Some of the areas in which compensation can be recovered include:

  • The cost of the end-of-life expenses can be recovered, which often runs thousands of dollars.
  • The wages the deceased family member would have earned until their age of retirement can be recovered as well as insurance and pension benefits. For those who were self-employed, receipts and tax returns can establish their income.
  • If the decedent was married, the surviving spouse can place a claim for loss of consortium and the love and affection that has been lost.
  • Children in the family can join the claim with their loss of nurturing and guidance lost by the death of their parents.
  • Loss of inheritance can be recovered in some cases.
  • Loss of household tasks the decedent performed around the home can be recovered, such as cutting the grass, taking care of the autos, minding the children, and tax preparation. 

Oroville Wrongful Death Lawyer

I am Ed Smith, an Oroville wrongful death lawyer. When a death occurs in your family caused by a negligent driver, the family may want to find out whether they can place a claim for damages. You are welcome to contact our injury lawyers for compassionate, free and friendly advice at (530) 392-9400 or (800) 404-5400. An online contact form is available also. 

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