Four Injured in Bus Accident on East Fedora Avenue in Fresno

Bus Accident on Fedora Avenue in Fresno

Multiple parties sustained injuries in a vehicle versus bus accident on Fedora Avenue in Fresno on September 12, 2023. The crash occurred at approximately 6:30 p.m. in the area of East Fedora Avenue and North Blackstone Avenue, officials reported.

Details on the Bus Accident on Fedora Avenue in Fresno

A preliminary release by Fresno PD officers indicated that a FAX bus was stopped at a bus stop. The bus was allegedly rear-ended by another vehicle, police reported. The collision caused minor damage to the FAX bus.

There were six parties on board the bus at the time of the incident. Four individuals were transported to CRMC for treatment of injuries described as minor. Additional information on the car versus bus collision on East Fedora Avenue in Fresno has not yet been released.

How Can an Attorney Help With a Personal Injury Case?

Motor vehicle crashes occur far too frequently and often leave involved parties with lasting financial losses and traumatic injuries. When an injured individual retains legal counsel to represent them in their accident case, their attorney will work diligently to create a detailed list of economic and non-economic damages. An attorney will ensure that no collision-related losses and expenses are missed or overlooked when seeking full compensation in a personal injury claim. These may include medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, and more.

Bringing a successful claim forward requires substantial evidence proving the other side’s liability. Evidence that may be used in support of a claim for damages includes traffic incident reports, accounts from eyewitnesses to the crash, expert witness testimony, video surveillance footage, photos of the crash site, pictures of damage to the involved vehicles, and more. An experienced attorney will work to establish causation in a case of personal injury and hold the other side accountable for past and future losses and expenses associated with the incident.

Enlisting the services of an experienced California personal injury attorney from the start of an accident case can help you understand the statute of limitations that may apply to the matter. Claimants usually have up to two years from the date of loss to file a lawsuit in civil court. Other factors may change the filing period. For instance, if an accident case involves a vehicle owned by a government entity, a different statute of limitations applies. A deadline of six months generally applies to the case under these circumstances, per California Government Code Section 911.2.

What It Means to Work With Our Legal Team

When our legal team at is on your side, we will handle all aspects of your personal injury case from start to finish. On your behalf, we will:

  • Conduct an in-depth investigation
  • Complete and submit all documents
  • Handle all accident-related communication
  • Address any concerns and questions
  • Provide regular case updates as they occur
  • Take the case to court if a mutual agreement is not reached

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Fresno

Your life can change in an instant when you are injured in a motor vehicle collision. You may have to deal with lifelong limitations and chronic pain from injuries sustained in the crash that occurred through no fault of your own. It may be challenging to enjoy life when your career path has changed, and you are no longer able to enjoy the hobbies you once did. That is why it is crucial to take legal action against negligent parties to ensure that you obtain the justice and full compensation you deserve for your injuries, medical bills, wage loss, and other associated damages.

Here at, our legal team handles many different types of personal injury cases, including those arising from bus accidents. Our goal is to ensure that we secure successful results on behalf of our clients through verdicts and settlements and allow them the time needed to focus on their recovery and being with their families. If you were injured in a recent bus crash caused by a negligent driver, call our Fresno personal injury lawyers for free, friendly advice on your potential case at (559) 377-7676 or (800) 404-5400.

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