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Time of Day Impacts Injury Recovery

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November 26, 2017
Edward Smith

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Time of Day Impacts Injury Recovery

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer. Among the injuries that someone can sustain in a traumatic accident, burns are among the most severe. These injuries can leave permanent scars that can have a negative impact on someone’s life. Therefore, it is helpful to have a prognosis regarding how long these injuries can take to heal. A recent research paper found that wounds heal more quickly if they develop during the day.

How Do Burns Happen?

Burn injuries are serious and occur when bodily tissues come in contact with extreme temperatures, hot or cold. The extreme temperature difference results in an energy exchange between the two surfaces, creating a serious traumatic injury. There are many ways that burns can happen. While most people are familiar with the extreme pain that comes when someone accidentally touches a hot stove, they can also occur in an auto accident. If the fuel tanks are compromised or if the equipment under the hood is damaged, the car can catch fire. This can create a catastrophic personal injury. Worse, if the person is trapped in the vehicle, this can lead to a wrongful death.

A Productive Research Study: Interesting Findings

When someone sustains a burn, they are prone to developing chronic comorbidities because the wounds can take a long time to heal. A recent research organization conducted a study looking at how long burn wounds take to heal completely. The study found that wounds that occur during the day heal, on average, more than ten days faster than those which occur at night. This is because the cells that respond to the site of an injury, called fibroblasts, are more active during the day. This means that if the wound happens during the day, the body is able to react faster to the site of the injury. This expedites the healing process and helps someone recover from the wound faster.

Legal Assistance for Serious Injuries

Serious burn injuries can lead to mounting medical bills that could create significant financial stress for a family. Even for those with health insurance, the deductible alone can leave a family wondering how to make ends meet. If someone suffers a burn injury due to the improper maintenance or production of a vehicle or item, this could be a product liability issue. In this situation, the company should be held responsible for the injuries. An experienced attorney can make this happen, allowing the family to focus on their recovery while removing the financial stress of the situation.

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