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October 26, 2019
Edward Smith

Broadside Crash Hospitalizes Napa Man

Police reported that a 41-year-old man and Napa resident suffered serious injuries during a broadside crash that took place on Sunday, October 20, 2019. The collision reportedly involved two vehicles and happened on a highway just outside of Napa City. According to reports, there were two drivers involved in the crash, but only one was left with injuries. Updates on the injured man’s condition have not yet been made available.

Crash Information

According to California Highway Patrol (CHP), the Napa man had been entering from Highway 29 to the south of Napa in a 2000 VW Beetle. The Beetle was performing a left turn in order to enter southbound highway lanes when a 1998 Chevy Blazer driven by a 78-year-old Rio Linda man reportedly ran against a red light and entered the intersection while heading north on Highway 29. The Blazer collided head-on with the broadside of the Beetle, causing serious damage to the driver’s side of the smaller vehicle.

When emergency personnel arrived at the site of the accident, they found the Napa man inside of his vehicle with major trauma. He was placed on a ground ambulance and rushed to the nearby Queen of the Valley Medical Center for emergency care. The driver of the Blazer was reportedly not injured as a result of the collision. Additionally, police stated that both parties had been wearing seatbelts when the accident took place.


CHP has indicated that they are still investigating this accident. Officers have reported that they do not believe alcohol or drugs to have played a part in causing the crash. Apart from the red light violation, no other suspected factors have been mentioned by police so far. In cases like this, the collision is often caused by a factor that neither driver can control, such as a faulty auto part or other hazard in the road.

Do I Need to Contact an Attorney?

After suffering serious accident injuries, crash survivors and their families typically have a lot of challenges to face. Learning that your loved one is in the hospital can cause a lot of stress, and worrying about their recovery can feel overwhelming. While it can be difficult to take care of your daily responsibilities during a time like this, it’s very important not to put off getting in touch with a personal injury attorney who can help you recover the payments that you and your family deserve.

By filing a personal injury claim after being involved in a crash, survivors are often able to obtain payments not only for their medical expenses, but for lost income, vehicle damages, and other losses related to the accident. These payments can provide families with financial stability during a difficult period of time. To learn more about injury claims, watch this video:

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