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Brain Injury Trauma and ALS

Brain Injury Trauma and ALS

I’m Ed Smith, an experienced Sacramento Brain Injury Lawyer. ALS, also known as Lou Gherig’s Disease, is a devastating illness that can completely alter someone’s life and the lives of their loved ones. While a tremendous amount of research has been performed on this deadly disease, the treatment options available to those suffering from this disease are still limited. Recently, a research article was published detailing a possible link between trauma leading to a brain injury and ALS itself.

How are Brain Injuries Sustained?

Brain injuries can lead to serious situations for not only the individual but also their loved ones as well. Some of the ways that someone could sustain a brain injury include:

Physical Assault: An assault can lead to a brain injury from either blunt trauma or a penetrating wound. Depending on the type, diagnosis, and location of the brain injury, the consequences could range in severity.

Car Crash: Someone who is a part of an auto accident can sustain a brain injury. Airbags can reduce the risk; however, an impact between someone’s head and the steering wheel, dashboard, or window can lead to a brain injury.

Falls: A fall from a great height or a slip and fall injury can lead to brain damage. If possible, people should cushion their fall with their arms to guard against a head injury.

The Link Between a Traumatic Brain Injury and ALS

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gherig’s Disease, is an almost universally fatal disease that progresses at varying rates in different people. Gradually, people lose their motor and sensory functions, eventually being unable to breathe before death. People with ALS have abnormally high levels of a protein called tau. Recently, researchers have uncovered that those who have suffered repeated traumatic brain injuries also have high levels of this protein. Researchers have demonstrated that this trauma can lead to this increased production and while the research is still in its infancy, the hypothesis provides a unique window into an important pathway of disease production. If there is a known cause, there could be a way to stop the development of this deadly disease.

Seeking Assistance from a Brain Injury Lawyer

Without a doubt, a traumatic brain injury and the symptoms that go with this can irreparably damage families; however, those who develop ALS as a consequences can wind up with untold consequences as a result of a disease that is often terminal. Families who find themselves overwhelmed and wondering what to do should consider reaching out to a legal advocate. These professionals can provide help with issues such as:

  • Paperwork that accompanies a serious disease and hospital stay
  • Negotiating with health insurance companies about the costs of treatment
  • Accident investigation to uncover the cause of the injury

Sometimes, there are additional options available to a family that they may not have known about before. For this reason, anyone who has suffered a head injury should speak with a lawyer to learn more. A helping hand is always available to those who request it.

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