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Brain Bleeds and the Traumatic Brain Injury

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Brain Bleeds and the Traumatic Brain Injury

I’m Ed Smith, a Merced Brain Injury Lawyer. There are many types of trauma that could lead to neurological damage and some of these can cause bleeding in the brain. When an injury such as this occurs, it constitutes a medical emergency and merits immediate attention from a trained professional. There are a number of important points that people should understand regarding a traumatic head injury and a brain bleed.

Why Does a Brain Bleed?

Unfortunately, brain bleeds are one of the more common causes of a traumatic brain injury. Whether someone sustains a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident, pedestrian injury, or some other cause, brain bleeding can cause serious symptoms to present. The brain is supplied by an intricate network of blood vessels that feed oxygen and nutrients to this vital organ. Like other blood vessels, these are fragile and can be damaged in a traumatic accident. Whether it is a bone fragment from the skull or a direct impact to the brain tissue itself, damage to these blood vessels can lead to friability inside of the brain, leading to gradual but deadly brain bleeds.

Types of Bleeding and a Traumatic Brain Injury

There are many different types of brain injuries and various brain bleeds go along with these injuries. One of the more common types of brain bleeds is called an epidural hematoma. Someone who suffers trauma to the side of their skull can cause blood to leak out from the middle meningeal artery. This gradual bleed can cause someone to pass out several minutes after the event. Other times, people could already have a brain aneurysm and a traumatic event is just the spark that causes the aneurysm to burst. Finally, ruptures of the veins can be just as serious as arterial ruptures and can also place someone in a dire situation.

Recovery from Brain Bleeds

Once someone has been diagnosed with a head or brain injury, the treatment and recovery process will start. Some people will require a rapid operation to relieve the swelling that has developed inside of their head as a result of the brain bleed. Other times, people could simply require medication to manage the symptoms. Regardless, the recovery process can be long and leave families wondering what to do while their loved one is in a hospital. For families with questions, a consultation with an experienced brain injury lawyer in Merced can be helpful. The attorney can deal with insurance adjusters while the injured party and their family members focus on the recovery of their loved one.

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