Brain Bleeds in the Unborn Child


Brain Bleeds in the Unborn Child

I’m Ed Smith, a Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento. Strokes and brain bleeds are a serious problem and most people associate them with the elderly population or resulting from a head injury. However, brain bleeds can also impact the unborn child still in the womb. Because the brain is still forming, brain bleeds can have devastating complications and consequences on the development of an unborn child. Recently, a medical review was published describing how these happen and the complications that brain bleeds in the unborn child can have.

Mechanism of Brain Bleeds in an Unborn Child

Brain bleeds are a serious traumatic injury no matter who they happen in; however, when they happen to an unborn child, they can be even more severe. In the womb, the brain undergoes a significant amount of development as it forms from only one cell into an entire human brain. If there is any disruption during this process, the consequences can be devastating. A recent medical review was conducted that took a look at pregnant women who sustained traumatic injuries that subsequently led to a brain bleed in their unborn child. In the article, all of the women in question sustained abdominal trauma in an auto accident. Because the uterus grows and extends into the abdomen during pregnancy, this makes it a large target should traumatic injuries happen. During a car crash, even in women restrained by a seat belt, their abdomen has the potential to impact the steering wheel or dashboard. This can lead to direct trauma to the unborn child itself, including possible brain bleeds. Due to the nature of this trauma, it should not come as a surprise that the average gestational age of the pregnancies in question was just over 30 weeks. During this time, the abdomen is at its largest size, making it easier for the abdomen to impact the inside of the car. While the pregnancy is in its later stages and the unborn child is almost finished developing, the child is still very young and the brain still has significant growth to go and the development can get derailed.

Outcomes Following Brain Bleeds Vary

Based on the results of the study, the outcomes of the unborn children following a brain injury vary wildly. There were many different types of brain bleeds sustained by the unborn children. Some suffered a subdural hematoma while others sustained an epidural hematoma or some other type of intracerebral hemorrhage. Some of the children were able to make a full recovery following their brain bleed, developing normally, while some of the unborn children, unfortunately, passed away. The outcomes of these children depended heavily on the type and size of the brain bleed sustained as well as the injuries that the mother sustained. Because the unborn child is receiving its oxygen, nutrients, and blood supply from mom, the injuries that mom sustained also impacted the recovery ability of the child.

Serious Complications can Result

Brain bleeds in the unborn child can lead to significant complications. While many of the children survived the trauma that they sustained, many of the children wound up with significant developmental complications down the road. When the brain has been damaged during its developmental stage, some of the neuronal connections and lobes of the brain can sustain chronic complications. Children with a brain bleed may lag significantly behind their peers, showing delays in the ability to walk, talk, eat, play, and numerous other child activities. This can be distressing for children and their parents. For families with questions about their child’s development, it is important to speak with a medical professional; however, speaking with a legal professional can also help families discuss the many different options available to them if their child’s injury was the result of someone else’s negligence.

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