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October 20, 2016
Edward Smith

Suffering Bone Fractures 

Suffering a serious injury due to an auto accident is not uncommon. In fact, one of the most common injuries people tend to suffer from, after an auto accident, are bone fractures. Typically, you will see bone fractures in one’s spinal bones, femur as well as various other bones in a person’s arms. Nevertheless, depending on the impact of the collision, it is possible to fracture other bones such as one’s hip and pelvis or even one’s skull/facial bones.

Common Bone Fractures

As briefly mentioned, the type of accident plays a key role in possible fractures and their locations. For instance, if a person is in a high-impact collision the likelihood of a femur fracture is high. If, on the other hand, the impact causes the leg area(s) to crumple a person is more likely to fracture their Tibia or Fibula. Whereas, if a person was not wearing their seatbelt at the time of even a medium-impact accident, then facial and skull fractures are possible in the event that a person collides with the windshield. A person can also suffer rib fractures because of the tension placed on a seatbelt or due to their airbag deploying.

Another common scenario is when a person tries to brace him or herself for impact right before the collision, which results in serious arm fractures. Bracing yourself results in a serious bone fracture because many of the bones in the arm, as well as the wrist, easily fracture due to their extreme fragility. Other fragile bones such as the clavicle are also prone to breaking during an auto accident. Nonetheless, without a doubt, the most common bone fracture that treating physicians tend to see after an auto accident is a hip fracture.

Fractures – Types and Severity

It is also important to note that there are different types of bone fractures and varying levels of severity. In regards to type, a person can suffer from a displaced fracture, non-displaced fracture, an open fracture, and a closed fracture. A displaced fracture is when a bone breaks into several pieces and thus is no longer correctly aligned. A non-displace fracture means that the bones or rather the pieces of a broken bone are still aligned. If you are suffering from a closed fracture as a result of an auto accident, this means that the broken piece of bone has pierced through the skin creating an open wound. A closed fracture, on the other hand, is when the bone is still broken but has not pierced the skin. Lastly, the severity of a fracture typically depends on such factors as location, wound type, classification, or category type, as well as the age and overall health of the victim.

Seeking Treatment

Ultimately, after an auto accident, it is vital that you receive a thorough medical examination. In doing so, any bone fractures that are not clearly apparent can be effectively treated. Generally, a physician will request X-rays or other appropriate tests to diagnose any fractures. Again, depending on the type and severity of your fracture, the necessary treatment may be minimally invasive (aligning and cast) or it may require surgical intervention.

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